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10 Impactful Technologies for Better Hiring and Recruiting

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With so much technological advancement and the increasing number of remote and hybrid workforces, hiring and recruiting processes are much different than they used to be. Today, apps, software and social platforms are where many companies turn to look for new talent.

However, depending on your industry and company culture, some software will be more beneficial than others when it comes to hiring. Here, 10 members of Council for Young Entrepreneurs discuss their picks for today’s most impactful apps and software for hiring.

1. WhatsApp

I think whatsapp very convenient for renting. It’s usually known as more of a communication app, but that’s what makes it great for recruiting too. Believe it or not, you can also post jobs there and join relevant groups to find the talent you need. † Andrew Schrage Money Crashers Personal Finance

2. Upwork

One tip that is especially helpful for new, young companies is to use upwork† You can quickly find high-quality employees and top freelancers by easily creating detailed vacancies. This is great for those who need to find someone to help with content creation, for example, but don’t have anyone in-house and want to hire someone who has years of experience. † Blair Thomas eMerchantBroker

3. Zoom

Interviewing is more streamlined and effective than ever with Zoom† Being able to conduct video interviews with multiple people makes it so easy to put together the best remote team possible. Even companies that don’t use remote workers can take advantage of the flexibility of conducting interviews on Zoom. The first interviews can be held on Zoom and the second or third interviews can be held in person. † Jonathan Prichard

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to poll candidates before ever meeting them in person. It’s not a substitute for a real meeting, but it allows you to get a sense of the person and whether they would fit well with the company culture. † Stephanie Wells Formidable shapes

5. Share

Part is one of the software solutions we recommend the most. It made recruiting and hiring contractors from around the world accessible by providing legal support in more than 140 countries. The platform made recruiting talent, signing contracts and paying the best people worldwide quick and easy. Moreover, it comes with various fees and withdrawal options on the contractor side. † Alexandru Stantekpon

6. Snaga job

I like to use snaga job to post job openings for our company, receive and review applications, and screen candidates. If you want to conduct an online interview, you can do that too. It is a super easy to use app that you will fall in love with. † Thomas Griffin OptinMonster

7. Fresh team

The one we used that is excellent is Fresh team† It’s not as remarkable as others, but it has everything small businesses need to not only recruit new talent, but also onboard and manage them. It’s all seamless, which is incredibly useful. The recruiting part of the software is very functional and easy to use. † Baruch Labunskic Rank Safe

8. Indeed

Indeed helped us pre-screen our applicants and even contact them in a more efficient way. There are tests that help us determine if the applicant is the perfect match, and the possibilities are endless when looking for the next candidate for us. † Daisy Jing Banned

9. Simply Hired

My favorite app when it comes to recruiting new team members is the SimplyHired app. It offers some really cool features to make the hiring process smooth. From posting your job openings to screening and assessing candidates, everything is super easy to do. † Josh Kohlbach Wholesale Suite

10. Olivia

Automation can eliminate the lengthy processes and paperwork involved in recruiting. Companies can instead streamline their hiring strategies to find the right candidates quickly and efficiently. One of these automation tools is: Olivia, which uses an AI called “Olivia” to automate tasks, answer candidates, schedule interviews, and much more. † Jared Atchison WPForms

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