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10 thousand buildings destroyed in 10 cities, 21 thousand deaths, major earthquake updates in Turkey… – Turkey earthquake updates thousand buildings destroyed in ten cities deaths tolls wounded rescue ntc

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Turkey has been devastated by the strong tremors of the earthquake. 100 hours after the earthquake, the death toll in Turkey and Syria has crossed 21 thousand. Thousands of people became homeless in a jiffy. This is the worst disaster in the last 100 years. In the midst of the devastation of the earthquake, now severe cold, hunger and despair are continuously increasing the trouble. The rescue teams are trying to save people from the debris of the buildings. Last Monday, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in the border region between Turkey and Syria. The scene of devastation here is such that dead bodies are lying on the streets of the city, dead bodies are wrapped in blankets, rugs and tarpaulins. Mortuaries and cemeteries are full. At the same time, experts are saying that for the next 6 months, similar earthquakes will keep coming in Turkey. Know the big updates after the earthquake in Turkey…

President Erdoğan said – will build new houses in one year

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited the earthquake-ravaged areas. He said that houses would be rebuilt for the survivors of the earthquake. Also said that the destroyed houses will be rebuilt within a year. He said the government would provide 10,000 Turkish lira ($532) to the affected families. At the same time, rescue operation is going on in the earthquake affected areas of Turkey. Still many people are feared to be buried under the debris. As time is passing by. By the way, the hopes of meeting people alive are also decreasing. There was an earthquake in Turkey on the morning of February 6, that is, it has been 4 days (about 100 hours) till now.

Expert said – the figure of deaths can cross 40 thousand

According to experts, there may be earthquake tremors here in Turkey for the next 6 months. About 10 to 20 million people have been affected by the earthquake. Along with this, it has been feared that the death toll could be more than 40 thousand. While the number of injured can be close to 2 lakh people. Turkey’s 10 provinces have been most affected by the earthquake. Of these, 10,000 buildings have collapsed, while 50 thousand to one lakh buildings have been damaged.

Turkey has been devastated by the earthquake (Photo- Reuters)

1509 aftershocks after 7.8 magnitude earthquake

According to AP reports, 1509 aftershocks have occurred since Monday’s magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Turkey. More than 20700 people have died here. Rescue teams are working day and night to save people. Help has still not reached many earthquake-affected areas in Turkey. People are also angry about this. According to the report of the news agency Reuters, something similar was seen in the city of Antioch. Here a 64-year-old woman Melak said that we could not see the rescue team anywhere. There are no tents and no food trucks. He said that we survived the earthquake, but will die of cold and hunger. We can’t seem to find food anywhere.

Teenager trapped for 94 hours was rescued

A 17-year-old boy has been rescued from under the rubble of a collapsed building in the Turkish city of Gaziantep early Friday. Rescuers freed Adnan Muhammad Korkut from the basement where he had been trapped since Monday’s earthquake. Adnan, who was trapped in the debris for 94 hours, said that it was a very dangerous situation. He said that when he was thirsty, he had to drink even his toilet under compulsion.

Thousands of lives are buried under the debris (Photo- Reuters)

70 countries extended a helping hand

Along with 70 countries, India has also come forward to help Turkey which has been hit by a severe earthquake. India has sent special help to Turkey under ‘Operation Dost’. From India, 3 teams of NDRF have reached Turkey for rescue operation. These also include special rescue dog squad. Apart from this, India has sent six tonnes of relief material including life-saving medicines and medical items in a transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force to Turkey and Syria affected by the earthquake. Many countries around the world have helped these two countries in the rescue and relief efforts.

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