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100 things I’d rather do than study

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Shreya Christina
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Here are 100 things I’d rather do than study. I know the semester just started, but

    1. To watch a movie
    2. take a nap
    3. Have a dance party
    4. Eating ice cream
    5. Bake a cake
    6. cry a little
    7. Knit a blanket
    8. Learn to ride a bike
    9. Build a crib
    10. Watch a hockey game
    11. View every game
    12. play with my hair
    13. Dye my hair
    14. Shopping
    15. learn to crochet
    16. Do 50 jumping jacks
    17. Cross-country skiing
    18. Take a bubble bath
    19. Squeeze lemons for lemonade
    20. Sell ​​the lemonade
    21. Make heart-shaped ice cubes
    22. Moisten my knees
    23. Paint my nails
    24. Find the cure for cancer
    25. Running a marathon
    26. Just kidding, run down the hall
    27. Squat my body weight
    28. Eat my body weight in fries
    29. Hibernate until Christmas
    30. Hug my body pillow (unless you boo)
    31. Think of all the work I don’t do
    32. wash my sheets
    33. Vacuum my apartment
    34. play mini golf
    35. go swimming
    36. Getting tan in this Texas heat
    37. Sing like I’m about to win American Idol
    38. Inflate balloons
    39. Pop the balloons
    40. Create lists
    41. Write an Odyssey article
    42. Petting a puppy
    43. Adopt a puppy
    44. pay my rent
    45. Order a pizza
    46. start a garden
    47. Cook a turkey
    48. Find new music
    49. Clean my waffle iron
    50. Learn to make jam
    51. Jam to music
    52. playing scrabble
    53. Volunteering everywhere
    54. Celebrating a birthday
    55. Watch a tutorial on makeup I’ll never use
    56. Browse old photos on my phone
    57. Make a playlist
    58. To take a shower
    59. clean my room
    60. curl my hair
    61. Climb a rock wall
    62. Getting a massage
    63. Play with Snapchat filters
    64. roast a chicken
    65. To go fishing
    66. Pick some Snapple
    67. Ride in a cart around Walmart
    68. Count the days until the semester is over
    69. Think about my future
    70. Remember the names of my future babies
    71. Pin everything to Pinterest
    72. Text everyone
    73. Pray about life
    74. Watch a sunset
    75. Watch a sunrise
    76. Have a picnic
    77. Read a book (that’s not for school)
    78. Go to a bakery
    79. Hugging a bunny
    80. Clean my apartment
    81. wash my dishes
    82. Rearranging my furniture
    83. Physically running away from my problems
    84. Make some meatballs
    85. Learn to make bread
    86. google myself
    87. Ride a Ferris wheel
    88. Getting stuck on a Ferris wheel (That way it’s not my fault I don’t study)
    89. wash my car
    90. Get on a plane to Neverland
    91. Find Narnia in my closet
    92. Jump on a trampoline
    93. Learn to skate
    94. go roller skating
    95. Ride a roller coaster
    96. Carve a pumpkin
    97. Restoring water in a third world country
    98. FaceTime my family
    99. Hug my mom
    100. Tell my friends I love them

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