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14 tips for dressing well that every man should follow

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Dressing well is an art form not everyone has mastered, although everyone has the potential with a few timeless rules and tips that will never go out of style.

It is true that there are too many rules in the world and some of them are already outdated, but there are others that are really helpful and can save you trouble and all kinds of suffering. When it comes to dressing well, it can all be a matter of opinion and personal taste – some don’t like the color blue or wearing a loose polo shirt. But besides taste, there are some basic elements that can make any look, from formal to casual, look perfect.

Think about this, when you flip through your childhood photos, are there any looks you regret? Probably, and that’s largely because choosing your clothes was partly up to your parents and you didn’t really care how good your ass looked in those pants, you just wanted to be comfortable and have fun, and so you (we all have ) a few photos you’d like to hide and with looks you wouldn’t dare to wear in public right now.

Good advice, even if it sounds obvious, does not go out of style and no one is in a position to turn it down, especially if you are a man then you should be interested in how to dress well.

Here are 14 rules for men to dress well:

1. Learn to ignore trends

Following trends is a good idea, this will help you look current and modern, but you should know that not all of them will look good on you, so while you should not ignore them completely, you should be selective and choose only the ones that suit you. look good considering things like your age, body type and lifestyle.

2. A good cut in everything is a must

This refers to the way each piece of clothing is made, a good cut will fit you well in all the right places making the pieces look more expensive and as if they were custom made so you look more groomed and well dressed even when you wear ​a casual look.

3. Be mindful of your body shape

This is the most important (it refers to how tall, thin or muscular you are) because it determines the styles of pants, shirts, jackets or coats that suit you best. Dressing for your body type ensures that the clothes you wear will really flatter you.

4. Wear the suit well

Yes, men look great in suits, but the key to achieving that is finding the right fit that isn’t too short, too long, or too tight. You should pay attention to the cut of the shoulders, the length of the sleeves and the pants, and you should be able to move your arms comfortably without having to take off the jacket.

Classic suits work best because you can wear them for a long time without looking dated or old. And suits don’t just go with shirts.

5. Invest wisely in a good watch

You don’t have to spend thousands of pesos on a watch, but you do need to invest a little more to have a good piece. Remember that if you want a strong, classic, durable and elegant piece, you have to pay a little more. In the long run, that investment will be worth it, especially if you’ve been wearing the same watch for 20 years and it still looks really cool.

6. Don’t be afraid of color

There’s nothing wrong with wearing black from head to toe, but the color can really make your looks stand out. Whether it’s a casual or a formal look, color can be an interesting element. In the case of suits, also green, wine and blue.

7. Wear your jeans

A certain amount of wear and tear will make your jeans feel more comfortable and conform to your body shape, so it’s best to buy a good quality pair and wear them until the denim softens a bit and starts to wear . take shape Wear gives them character.

8. Go for classic colors when you wear shirts

Want your shirts to last longer and look good no matter the season? Then go for the classic colors and patterns, these always work and you can combine them with everything. You just have to make sure that they fit you well from all sides and that the buttons are not pulled.

9. Quality is a must in shoes

Shoes come in all price ranges, but if you want quality, durability and good style, you’ll have to pay a little more. Choose simple and elegant designs and colors, these are the ones you can use for a lifetime.

With sneakers, the principle is the same, the best are more expensive, but here you can play with colors and styles. Ultimately, the coolest models become collector’s items.

10. Pay attention to the type of accessories

With accessories, quality is always better than quantity, you don’t have to have all your fingers full of rings, 3 necklaces, a scarf, glasses, a hat, brooches and more to put on. It’s best to go minimal and pick only a few pieces that match your look, and they don’t necessarily have to be the same color as your clothes, but they should create a good match.

11. Follow your own style

The best dressed men always have something in common, they wear what they like, what works for them and what makes them feel good, instead of always trying to copy others. You can be inspired by others, but in the end you have to wear clothes and looks that suit your personality and taste.

12. Wear a dress for occasions

One of the biggest mistakes in dressing is wearing the wrong clothes for the occasion, you are not allowed to wear pants and a sweatshirt to a wedding (unless you are asked to do so) and there is no point in putting on your best suit to play also a game. football.

13. Learn to Break the Rules

Finally, the fashion rules are just suggestions and there are times when breaking them can bring you very good results, you just need to learn to read the occasion.

14. Choose Versatile Pieces

If you want to look good without spending a lot of money, then you should invest in pieces that you can combine in different ways and that can look formal or casual depending on the rest of the pieces you wear.

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