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5 benefits of a verified Instagram account

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A verified Instagram account has a small blue badge on its profile. This little badge has a huge impact on your brand.

Think about it, it won’t be fascinating if your brand stands out from your competitors. It gives you more confidence in your business. You would be considered a professional in your field.

Large companies usually have a verified badge. There are multiple chances to face unwanted situations with fake accounts. To be recognized as the official page, your account must be verified.

What are the top reasons why business owners have a verified account? Let’s take a look at the benefits of a verified Instagram account.

1- Improves your credibility

Do you ever hesitate before shopping online?

It won’t be surprising if your answer is “yes”. Most people get scammed by inauthentic websites. People find it difficult to trust the process of online shopping. You can increase your credibility if you buy UK Instagram followers for your company page or personal profile.

Having a verified Instagram account solves all these problems. About less than 1% of users on Instagram are verified. If you are one of those lucky ones, your account is trustworthy. People follow authentic accounts and have social proof that they are legit. The trustmark on your account offers this freedom. Your followers list will skyrocket. Ultimately, your sales will reach the pinnacle of numbers.

This feature will make your business more professional and organized. It increases the credibility and transparency of your company. About 85% of Americans say:

“Today, transparency in business is more vital than ever.”

Have your account verified and start the success journey today.

2- Illuminate your brand

Well, the competition in the business is fiercer than ever. The markets are saturated. If your company doesn’t do unusual things, it won’t survive for long.

Instagram verification can give your business the spark it needs to thrive. It will make your account prominent among your competitors. Even if people search for other related pages, your account will be visible in the suggestions. Instagram’s algorithm works in a way that favors verified accounts.

Your brand is recognized as an authentic and legitimate brand. Even if your account is not known by many, it will still be used to attract traffic. The blue check mark indicates that you are the master of your industry. Ultimately, your brand will stand out as more prominent than your competitors.

3- A way to new features

Having your account verified will give you access to the new features that a standard account doesn’t have. Recently, Instagram introduced a tool known as the “swipe up” tool. It allows you to have more traffic to your ecommerce store.

You must have more than 10,000 IG followers on a regular account to gain access. Otherwise you will not be able to enjoy this new feature. But if your account is verified, the number of followers doesn’t matter. Instagram gives direct access to verified accounts.

4- More business opportunities

No one wants to miss the opportunity that could potentially scale their business. The verification can be a catalyst to bring you business opportunities.

People on Instagram are looking to partner with other businesses. Verified accounts are preferred and they are quick to seize these opportunities. You can yell at other companies or collaborate with them if you are an influencer. Both parties benefit from this step. It is believed that,

“The future is in collaboration rather than working alone.”

Collaboration also increases your follower list. These new followers are your new customers. These customers will increase your sales.

5- Acts as a security shield

There are many chances of having fake accounts on your brand’s social media. It destroys the public image of the brand. Trust is gone and your business is no longer reliable. If your account is not verified, your business is prone to several undesirable circumstances.

To avoid these salty conditions, brand owners are advised to have their accounts verified. The verified account represents your brand as the only official page. No matter how many fake accounts there are, your verified account will outnumber them. It protects the integrity of your business and gives you the confidence to run a business.

Steps to Get Account Verified

Instagram has made it very easy to request account verification. You need to follow simple steps and your account will be verified. To do this,

Login > menu > settings > account > request verification > confirm identification > apply

By following these, you can request account verification. But you need to follow some requirements and guidelines to get your account verified.

  • Complete your biography
  • Increase your social presence
  • Create engaging content
  • Have a remarkable account
  • Get more followers
  • be newsworthy
  • Be consistent with your posts

Before requesting the account verification, please follow these guidelines. These will help you verify your account.

There are also certain things that Instagram doesn’t prefer. If you do these things, your request for verification will likely be rejected. Some things to avoid are,

Don’t do anything that violates Instagram’s policies

· Avoid adding links to your other social account in your bio

· Ignore the third-party services to have your account verified


There are multiple benefits to having a verified account. It cannot be overlooked by an entrepreneur looking to scale their business. Since the world is full of opportunities, having a verified account is a door to more opportunities. Learn more about this, seize this opportunity and climb the ladder of success.

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