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5 Common Features That Define A Luxury Home

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When we think of luxury property, our mind conjures up images of grand chandeliers, large driveways and imported Italian marble, which are common features found in 5-star luxury mansions. If you are looking for common denominators that define a luxury property, here are a few signs that a property is in the luxury bracket.

  1. Below Ground Living Space – Even the wealthy like to add to their living space and if you can’t build out or up, the only other option is down. Of course, it is a huge investment to add a couple of floors below the ground, yet the increase in value is significant and it is possible to make a profit by developing a luxury home with additional below ground living space. London is a city where underground property development is all the rage and local authorities are now clamping down on this practice. Of course, building below ground requires local government permission.
  1. Indoor Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi – While all luxury properties have an outdoor swimming pool, it is normal nowadays for a large luxury home to have an indoor pool, with a chic Jacuzzi. This indoor feature can be found in different stunning luxury villas in Estepona with private pool for sale, a reputable real estate agent would be able to point you to the property that best suits you.
  1. Electric Gating – Every luxury home should have decent security and part of that is an automated gating system, with many secluded properties having manned security at the main gates. A common set up in Marbella is for a development with 15-20 luxury villas inside a secure area, where manned security monitors the gated entrance.
  1. En-Suite Bathrooms – Even the guest rooms would have en-suite facilities, which is a symbol of luxury living. Indeed, you could go as far to say that adjoining bathrooms are standard and many large mansions have this model. There is a luxury real estate in Estepona where en-suite bathrooms are expected.
  1. Service – Most luxury properties are managed by servants, gardeners and driving staff, which is necessary when it comes to owning a very large property. The grounds, for example, soon look tatty without the constant care of a gardener. Rooms that are rarely used still gather dust and with a live-in maid, the house always looks neat and tidy. It costs quite a lot to engage domestic service; for the very wealthy, however, this is a necessary thing. The Costa Del Sol region has always been popular with Brits and still is today.

There are more luxury properties than ever and if you are looking for 5-star luxury living space in the sun, talk to a leading luxury real estate agent, as her or she has all the solutions. Start by working out your budget, then view some of luxury apartments that are actually affordable. The term ‘luxury’ is often used when describing real estate, although it isn’t always an accurate description, so take things with a pinch of salt when viewing so-called ‘luxury’ living space.

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