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5 Jennifer Lopez Movies or TV Shows You Must See

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From flying girl to one of the most famous celebrities in the world, Jennifer Lopez never ceases to deliver an incredible and amazing performance in everything she does.

She’s flawless, with tremendous talent and an even bigger heart, and she’s definitely still Jenny off the block. Honestly, if you ask me, you should watch every movie, TV show, and music video Jennifer Lopez has ever made or participated in, and download every single one of her songs to your Spotify playlist, but if you’re not quite up for that, here are five of her movies and TV shows you absolutely must see.

1. Selena

You might be sobbing for 30 minutes after watching this beautiful film based on the true story of Selena Quintanilla’s far too short life, but Jennifer does a great job as Selena, and the film continues to cement her legend. It’s a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and entertainment, while portraying a more serious overall message.

2. Shades of blue

This TV show is the whole reason I had to edit the title to record TV shows. It’s way too good to leave out. I don’t really watch a lot of TV shows, I’m more of a movie person, but this one was way too good to pass up. There is no other show that can really bring out the very best in people and show their worst at the same time, and still make you fall in love with the “bad guys”. Plus, it will definitely keep you sharp and holding your breath for the next episode. It is able to portray people’s vulnerabilities in a way that keeps viewers interested, and Jennifer is a great agent.

3. Girl in Manhattan

It’s the cutest and most truthful movie in the world, and Jennifer is the prettiest hotel maid I know. Plus, the soundtrack is super catchy and who doesn’t love a movie set in New York City?

4. The Backup Plan

Besides being one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, it’s also insanely quoteable and just a great movie to watch if you need a good laugh. I even managed to get my sister to watch it with me and say she liked it. That never happens.

5. Enough

In addition to the serious issue of domestic violence, this film shows a side of Jennifer Lopez that no other film does. She has to play a crazy part, and she does it flawlessly. This is definitely a more serious movie, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a Friday night movie night with the family, but it’s definitely a movie worth watching. Although the film is fictional, it sheds light on the horrific truths of domestic violence.

So now I hope you binge watch Shades of Blue and plan a movie night for the others. I’m not going to lie, as a JLover I’m definitely biased, but I swear these are the best movies and TV shows I’ve ever seen. Now stop reading and start binge watching. (You’ll thank me later.)


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