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5 PC game tips and tricks that no one told you

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Shreya Christina
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PC games can be fun, and there’s no world that can argue with that. Sure, many may have strong opinions about PC games and the like, but even they can’t say that these games aren’t fun and exciting. Because they sure are. Even if you look at the online gaming industry from a business point of view, they will find that it is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing. This is an amazing stat, surpassed by the widespread and some might say some sort of democratic nature of the industry.

Gone are the days when you had to invest in a high-end gaming laptop or PC setup to enjoy games, as even the most basic can do the job to some degree these days. Anyone with even a basic PC can take advantage of what’s on offer. While there will definitely be some performance loss, you can make some adjustments to the settings and have a smooth experience. But if you’re interested in playing PC games, here are five tips you should know ahead of time. Apart from the tips below, you can check out some interesting tricks at

Note the minimum specification requirement.

Not every game is compatible with every PC device out there. There are certain minimum requirements that one has to meet to even start the low power mode in the game. Fortunately, such requirements are often listed with the game itself. But even if not, one can still search online for the game’s minimum requirements and determine whether the game is suitable for their setup or not. Doing this can save you a lot of time and money.

Look at the Ram requirements, graphics cards, and other specific requirements that game developers suggest and what a PC should meet.

Using third-party software to smooth things over

Many readers may not know this, but there are ways to ease their gaming experience even without spending hundreds of dollars buying the most high-end gaming accessories on the market. That’s because of the fantastic, almost alien game software out there.

There are many excellent third-party programs such as Nvidia GeForce Experience and more. These programs allow users to get the most out of their gaming console, especially the graphics, without affecting the frame rate. The latter is very crucial when playing online games. There just can’t be any drop in frame rate while you’re playing the game.

Cool your setup

If you get every bit of juice out of your computer setup, sooner or later it will get hotter. This can cause long-term damage, especially to your installation’s hardware. To counter this, many computers have automatic gas options that cool the PC and reduce the workload. Make sure your gaming setup has such a feature too.

A common way to ensure that their setup remains undamaged is to use cooling fans that provide good air circulation. In addition, you should remember to clean the installation from time to time as it is quite common for dust particles to settle on the overheated PC. You need to take care of this if you want your installation to last a long time.

Be safe while playing games.

As mentioned, there can be no arguments against the fun aspect of PC games. This one games are fun to play especially with friends and relatives. But there’s a reason they have a less-than-tasty reputation, which is due to the hacking attempts and intimidation that online players have to endure. It makes sense to take some steps to protect their real identities in the online world. There are many tools like VPS and other security protocols that you can enable to make sure they are well protected while enjoying their online game.

Improve desktop performance

If you have a Windows 10, there is an ‘Ultimate Performance’ feature that you can enable, which will allow the hardware to run at its best. This immediately makes the PC more powerful, but also consumes considerably more power, something you have to take into account. This simply overclocks the GPU and CPU, adding extra performance for the user. Use wisely though, as damage from overclocking is not covered by any warranty.

If you want to give PC games a try, the above tips will definitely help. You can incorporate them into your game strategy and be a professional gamer.


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