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5 Tacoma AF Things to Do in the City of Destiny

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As someone who has lived in Tacoma, WA all her life, I would consider myself well versed in all things Tacoma. I’ve done all of these things at some point, and I’ve seen them in almost everyone’s Snapchat story at some point as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your thousandth, these Tacoma staples never get old.

1. Do the 5 Mile Drive.


If you’re lucky you might see some of these little guys!


Ah, the famous 5 miles located in the beautiful Point Defiance Park. Undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for trails, bikes, in-depth conversations and high school graduates.

The drive is good, five miles, and offers several scenic viewpoints where drivers can safely stop and gaze. Each stop offers a great Instagram shot. My favorite is towards the end where you can see the Narrows Bridge in all its glory. The very last part of the journey leads to Fort Nisqually which is a great stop if you want to learn about Tacoma history and take some cool photos.

The 5 Mile is also home to packs of raccoons! Don’t be surprised if you see some critters scurrying by the side of the road or if you have to go around a car that no longer feeds them.

2. Walk across Chihuly’s glass bridge.


Close-up of glass ceiling by Dale Chihuly, renowned artist and resident of Tacoma.


The Glass Museum located in downtown Tacoma is destination enough in itself, but if you want to get a taste of it Chihuly for free i recommend the glass bridge.

The bridge has famous glass sculptures along the wall and a breathtaking glass ceiling. No one will think it’s weird if you just stand under the ceiling and look up for an hour – there are so many intricate details!

Going down the grand staircase you can also enjoy the unique shape of the museum building and some other sculptures along the water. You can’t do Tacoma without experiencing some Chihuly!

3. Grab an iconic burger and shake.

There are two paths you can take here and either choice is good: Shake shake shake or Frisco Freeze. It’s like “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, but with milkshakes.

Frisko Freeze has been a Tacoma staple since the 1950s there were even talks of making the burger joint a historic landmark. The prices are good, the food is delicious, and that bright neon sign epitomizes Tacoma’s energy and history.

Shake Shake Shake is another option for iconic landmarks (if you don’t have a photo of/with the EAT sign, are you really from Tacoma?), delectable shakes, and unbeatable prices. There are different types of shakes for whatever mood you’re in.

And if you’re like me and can’t decide which one you like better, there’s nothing wrong with going to both!

4. Wander Ruston Way.

A luxury cinema, nice shops, food, water, seasonal concerts and ice rinks? What not Ruston way to have?

Ruston Way allows you to dine, shop and walk or cycle (check out the Wheel Fun Stand for some unique options) along the water, giving you some of the best views in Tacoma. It is perfect for all ages and occasions. Whether you go out with friends on Ice Social or participate in retail therapy Targetyou are guaranteed to have a good time.

Feel free to head to the surrounding waterfront, which even offers views, eateries and historic parks such as the Chinese reconciliation park.

5. Catch a Rainiers game.

With the recent announcement of the Tacoma Defiance re-branding and arrival of Reign FC women’s soccer clubthere is no greater sports center in Tacoma than Cheney Stadium. Home to both baseball and football fans, Cheney is the perfect spot for a spring or summer day in Tacoma.

It’s a sports fan’s dream, but even if you’re not a fan, there’s plenty to do. With two dollar beer nights, fun merchandise promotions, children’s playground and an outdoor lounge, there is something for everyone. Cheney is an epicenter for the community to bond and enjoy a game together.

We R Tacoma indeed.


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