Drug testing policies and practices change. Employers adopt different tactics and techniques to obtain precise results that paint the right image. These strategies are to make sure the employer’s workplace is safe.

Some drugs take days or months in your body when you take drugs. But that should not worry you – there are several methods you can still pass your drug test. Even if many companies keep changing their drug policies, there is still an effective way to change this.

One of the brilliant ways you achieve this is by using synthetic urine. This innovative way of fooling a drug test is quite effective in preventing you from being caught bringing in the urine of a different person or intaking drugs that flush out your system. This post will discuss synthetic urine and five things you should know about synthetic urine and drug tests.

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What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is artificial urine created from chemicals typically present in regular urine. Manufacturers of synthetic urine make it smell and look like normal urine, so it’s a great technique of “fooling” a drug test. Synthetic urine is very effective in passing a urine drug test. Check here number 1 synthetic urine reviews. You can check here to know more about number 1 synthetic urine kit.

Some of the materials used to make synthetic urine include:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Ammonia
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Creatinine
  • pH balancers
  • Sulfate

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  1. Synthetic urine was originally not designed to “fool” drug tests

Originally, synthetic urine was not designed to evade drug tests but rather was used to test the efficiency of particular agents used in drug testing and improve them. In addition, synthetic urine was designed to test the strength of mattresses, cleaning agents, and even diapers are for medical and home services.

  1. You can easily avoid getting caught in a drug test

Sneaking synthetic urine into a drug test can be a daunting task, and one must be extra careful while at it. For instance, you cannot put your fake urine sample in your pocket, jacket, or socks. Many employers and drug testing agencies are aware of this – they will frisk you before going in and ask you to remove any jackets you’re wearing. The ideal location to hide is in the bra for women and next to the crotch area for men.

Some manufacturers sell belts equipped with holders to hold your fake urine sample. The belt is infused with a tube to make it appear like you’re urinating. This can come in handy, especially if someone is closely supervising you. Keep in mind that all you need to do is purchase a synthetic urine sample, and it’ll come with those belts from the manufacturer.

  1. Synthetic urine is very hard to detect

Chemically speaking, the composition of synthetic urine is very sophisticated, which makes it quite hard to detect during urinalysis. This is because synthetic urine contains all the ingredients present in normal urine and can be hard to distinguish between them unless you conduct genetic matching.

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  1. To increase your chances of passing a drug test, you should choose the best synthetic urine kit

Many companies claim to make quality fake piss, which can cause you problems when determining which option to go for. Fortunately, there exists a criterion that can help make sure that you get the best synthetic urine test kit:

  • Appearance. When looking for fake urine, make sure its appearance and color are identical to normal urine. Choose products with an odor and yellowish color. Clear or odorless urine usually attracts suspicion from the lab technician.
  • Temperature. The temperature has to be at its best if a urine sample is effective. The typical temperature for the urine kit should be around 90° to 100° Fahrenheit. Also, when going for the drug test, make sure that it’s neither too cold nor too hot to avoid arousing suspicion.
  • Ease of use. Avoid picking products that have complex instructions. You might fumble and be confused, especially if you don’t have much time to prepare. Check the online reviews to ensure that previous customers were satisfied with the instructions.
  1. Synthetic urine can last for about two to three years without expiring

Synthetic urine does not expire that fast. Its average shelf life – whether liquid or powder – is about two or three years or thereabout. But that is how long synthetic urine can stay if kept in the right conditions. Therefore, you must store it at room temperature and avoid placing it in direct contact with sunlight. However, once the synthetic urine expires, it can be almost impossible to pass the drug test.

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Final Thoughts

Synthetic urine is among the most effective ways to pass drug testing. If you keenly follow the instructions indicated on the urine sample, then there is a high probability that you’ll pass the drug test. Keep in mind that you must keep the sample at room temperature all the time and use the kit wisely to avoid suspicion.


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