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6 video games that have survived the test of time

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Video games are always pushing technology as players demand the latest in graphics and physics. The industry in general is focused on constantly releasing new games to keep people interested. However, with decades of video game history in the books, certain games have become certified classics and still have huge fan bases even in the modern day. Here are some games that have certainly stood the test of time.


The classic puzzle game Tetris is arguably one of the most copied and cloned games of all time. When it was released in 1984, it instantly became a favorite of gamers around the world. Now in 2021, Tetris is still highly regarded for its remarkably fun gameplay.

Even in the midst of modern competition, Tetris still has an avid fan base and more than 500 million Tetris mobile apps have been downloaded. In 2015, it was an inaugural inductee into the World Video Game Hall of Fame, which is just one of many facts that show that this classic game has an impressive history. It is likely that Tetris will be valued for generations to come.

Downfall 2

The Doom series is one of the founders of the FPS (first person shooter) genre. When Doom 2 was released, it was heavily acclaimed for its groundbreaking use of shadow and texture, mixed with heart-pounding action. While many shooters of the era are long forgotten, or have a small cult following, the Doom series remains a favorite of gamers today.

Doom 2 has numerous mods that present the game in a different setting or change the physics and environment. This modding community keeps the game alive in the minds of gamers of all ages. Interestingly enough, even after almost 30 years, players are still discovering new things about the original release. In 2018, after 24 years, a secret was discovered that allowed players to finally complete 100% of the game.

The Elders Scrolls III: Morrowind

When you bring up Morrowind to gamers, many will tell you their list of the game’s pitfalls and shortcomings. Common complaints include the awful combat system, muddy color palette, numerous bugs, and generally unappealing graphics. So how come this game has survived for 20 years? Atmosphere. Immersion. Morrowind managed to create a true RPG experience that is still unmatched to this day. Fortunately, a thriving modding community constantly contributes to this experience and helps make it palatable for newer gamers.


The world of esports is competitive and constantly changing. Every year new titles appear that suck up the fan bases of other games that switch in search of recognition and huge cash prizes. Considering that there are many colorful, adrenaline-fuelled competitors out therelike the Destiny and Borderlands seriesWhat makes it especially impressive is that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has managed to remain one of the most competitive esports games for a decade. Thanks to streamer fame, countless high profile tournaments around the world, and a dedicated community involved in the game, this is a title that isn’t going anywhere.

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 revolutionized fighting games and has definitely stood the test of time. When it launched in 1991, it took center stage as the main fighting game, with players lining up at the arcades waiting for their turn. Even today you can find arcade cabinets in public places all over the world. The game has been emulated and re-released on numerous different platforms and somehow manages to stay relevant. Street Fighter 2 hasn’t lost anything after all these years and is still as fluid and fun as ever.

Final Fantasy 7

The Final Fantasy series has many milestones in its history and every installment of the main series is a favorite of thousands of gamers out there. However, it’s hard to argue that the FF7 isn’t the most cherished and loved in the entire series. Everything about this game is still impressive today, from the 3D modeling to the turn-based combat, the deep materia (magic) system, the expansive open world, and of course, the compelling plot. The original copies of this game are collectibles and will only become more valuable after the recent PS4 remake.

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