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8 authors who can positively change your future

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Reading is a great way to escape reality, but it can also arm you with information you need to improve your own. For most people, the key to improving their future is strategic planning and making informed adjustments when needed.

Moreover, positively changing your future involves being true to yourself. To be truly happy, you cannot suppress your desires and passions to blend in with the crowd. You must have the confidence to make decisions based on your core values ​​and move forward.

Whether you’re planning to retire, find a better job, or become the best version of yourself, you can gain insight into these topics by reading the books below.

1. Drew Richey and Shawn Perry – Find your financial advisor

Based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the wealth management team of Drew Richey and Shawn Perry is known for helping clients take control of their financial situation. Their book Find your financial advisor lays down the minimum standards you should set when hiring a financial advisor. Choosing someone to manage your money is a matter of trust, but it can also be an emotional decision.

Your financial advisor is aware of your private information, which affects your family’s well-being, your estate and your future. If you’ve never thought of having your own financial advisor, Richey and Perry also help people understand the basics of the financial industry. They take your core values ​​into account and incorporate them into asset management. Life is full of changes and challenges, and getting your money squared is one of the first steps to positively changing your future.

2. Carolyn Buck Luce – EPIC!: The Power Play Book for Women

Take a moment to ponder this common riddle: “A father and son have been in a terrible car accident and are both seriously injured. They are both taken to separate hospitals. When the boy is admitted for surgery, the surgeon says, “I can’t have surgery because this is my son.” How is this possible?”

The answer is that the surgeon is the boy’s mother. 80-90% of people cannot comprehend that the surgeon is a woman, and these hidden gender biases affect women in the workplace every day. After working in a man’s world, Carolyn Buck Luce wrote her book, EPIC!to help women understand how to build a better future for themselves.

Although they are often told to be silent or invisible, women are powerful. Society’s expectations for women are often moderate, but to change your future positively, you need to realize your own power. Just because women approach situations differently doesn’t mean they are inferior. Often a woman’s approach – especially in leadership – can be particularly beneficial.

3. Jason Portnoy – Silicon Valley Pornstar

Though often referred to as a man’s world, the expectations men set to achieve success often perpetuate toxic masculinity. Success is measured by power, wealth, women and expensive possessions rather than real happiness and satisfaction. In Silicon Valley Pornstar author Jason Portnoy writes his story of success and loss. While he followed the steps society expects men to be successful, he found no happiness in that way.

Through extramarital affairs and superficial excesses, Portnoy faced challenges and temptations that ultimately changed his future. His story highlights that the crisis of masculinity can lead to addiction and unhinged behavior. Although he went through a personal transformation and chose to renew his relationships and change his values, his story can provide inspiration to positively impact your life.

4. Mike Glauser – One people one planet

Do you have a grudge? Do you judge other people? Do you spend your time helping the needy? Dealing with people around you can be challenging, especially if you’re an introvert or misanthrope. Mike Glauser’s book One people one planetbrings together the expertise of Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed and other religious and philosophical leaders to provide tips to help people live their best lives, now and in the future.

Happiness is often an illusion, especially since the human mind is set up to judge and make comparisons, often leading to jealousy or discontent. Glauser presents six universal truths in his writing. He encourages individuals to increase their happiness by overcoming their egos, not judging and forgiving others. At the same time, he recommends doing good deeds, sharing happiness, and helping those in need. Changing your views and actions can change your future – or at least how you look at it.

5. Sam LaCrosse – Value Economics: The Study of Identity

Dedicated to “Those Who Tell the Truth”, the book by Sam LaCrosse, value economy, is uncompromisingly candid that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to living the perfect life. Your future depends on your actions, but your actions are influenced by your own values. LaCrosse argues that the self-help industry is a scammer. The way to a meaningful life and a happy future is through discovering and respecting your core values.

He identifies problems associated with current society and social media. Often people lose their individuality while trying to hold on to socially acceptable norms. LaCrosse writes, “We’re so afraid of taking a stand that we don’t take a stand.” He claims that people should live life true to themselves.

6. Ted Bradshaw- Stop hunting squirrels

Maybe you know someone who has a new business idea every week, or maybe it is you. If you are a very creative person, focused on innovation, it can be challenging to focus your energy and pursue your true passions. Stop hunting squirrels by Ted Bradshaw develops a plan to focus your creativity and discover your true, hidden passion. Ideally, this would ensure that any idea you pursue can fill your life with meaning and direction.

Being a creative, entrepreneurial visionary can come with challenges. It can be hard to stay passionate without succumbing to burnout. Bradshaw’s six steps can provide some structure and potentially reduce stress for a more manageable future.

7. Emilio Diez Barroso – The mystery of you

Everyone is something for someone else. To your parents you are their child. For your friends, you may be the person they turn to for advice. For your employer, you may be the person who makes the best coffee or mixes up the numbers. While individuals often enjoy their relationships with others, the character created may not always feel real. Of The mystery of you, Emilio Diez Barroso has created a book for anyone who works in entrepreneurship, venture capital or just spends time in the daily grind to tell what it is like to miss that special something that lies at the heart of it all.

Everyone needs a purpose. That is why Barroso helps readers discover peace and the meaning of life in a new way, from a spiritual and psychological perspective. You are more than just your job title, and remembering your other roles and identities is important when deciding what you want your future to look like. Like other authors listed here, Barroso encourages individuals to live authentically according to their beliefs and values.

8. Brittany Anderson and Bryan Sweet – Dream Architecture

Take a moment to think about what the absolute best version of your retirement could be. Spending a week in Hawaii building sandcastles and sunbathing? Eating Gyros in Greece While Walking to the Parthenon? Fishing with your grandchildren at the pond in your backyard?

Retirement is a dream for countless Americans, but saving for it can be intimidating. Many younger generations wonder whether they should dream of retirement at all. In Dream Architect, authors Brittany Anderson and Bryan Sweet ask you to think about what your dream retirement looks like, and then they show you how to unlock everything you earn after retirement. This is not just any book on financial planning. Think of it as a roadmap to change your mindset in the right direction to better prepare for your retirement journey.

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