9/11 poem for the families and heroes

Dear Nation,

I’m sorry for the way,

How it only took one person to attack,

On an early Tuesday,

A nation that has each other’s backs.

Many lives were lost

Moms, Dads, Sisters and Brothers,

So many lives were thrown,

And the people who saw it on the news could have been their grandmother.

No one really believes how much,

A quick minute can change the nation,

With so many lives being touched,

On the greatest land of God’s creation.

On a day that no one forgets,

That many first responders gave,

Over thousands of tears and sweat,

From thousands of individuals who were very brave.

So every day,

outside the year,

Pray for the families that are not well,

And for those who are still here with us.

One morning in September,

The world changed in the blink of an eye,

Without any warning,

So please, please cry.

Thank you for being strong

And for risking your life,

‘Cause what seemed so long ago

Your daughters, sons, husbands miss you and even your wife.

So here’s to my sister’s father,

Who I don’t even know

She is definitely a wonderful person and I hope you are happy,

And you, sir, are one of my thousand heroes.

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