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9 Ways to Simplify Building Data Collection

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Timely data collection in the construction industry can be tricky, but modern building technologies have helped contractors collect real-time operational data in the field. There are several aspects of a construction project data, including: logistics, employee productivity and resources.

Today, several advanced tools such as the SmartBarrel Device are used by construction companies to manage projects while collecting cost-related information, photos, site-based transactions, schedule changes, communications, and other relevant data. These tools aid in data analysis and lead to more informed decision making.

by simplifying collection of construction dataconstruction companies can maximize the profitability and productivity of construction projects. Here are several ways to make collecting construction data easier.

Take advantage of data item identification tools

Construction projects typically have hundreds of pieces of information. Looking for relevant without digital tools construction data items can take quite a long time.

Well-crafted solutions make it easy to collect information from potential sources, which is where tools like the SmartBarrel device come in handy. The data and analysis can also be useful for future projects.

Find a solution with a project management dashboard

With software and tools created for the construction industry, users can track construction labor costs, close-out data, and other information in real time. They enable contractors to collaborate with teams at different levels of a construction project.

In addition, managers using a dashboard can immediately update the collected data. Ideally, a dashboard synchronizes the latest information from workflows and reports, giving project owners and employees easy access to information in one central location.

Modern software solutions come with the power of cloud storage, which gives direct access. Therefore, the software solution must be efficient in controlling the costs of projects, saving both time and costs.

Identify potential issues and risks associated with data collection

Focus on collecting data that helps identify potential problems and risks, such as information about critical resources (ie equipment and labor).

This helps the project team identify cost overruns and potential delays. Collect both unstructured and structured data, as both types of project-oriented information help identify business trends.

Collect data by taking pictures of the construction site

Taking a picture of the activities on the site allows you to manage events in real time. this method of collection of construction data is also suitable for tracking and analyzing various tasks.

For example, let’s say you perform routine safety and equipment checks. If you find faulty or broken equipment, all you need to do is take a photo and send it to the appropriate department via a form. It’s one of the easiest, fastest, and most accurate ways to collect and document issues.

Take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain critical insight and construction site information

This allows project managers to identify potential problems, such as discipline conflicts and coordination issues, and introduce solutions.

Machine learning and AI tools also help address weather impacts on construction projects, reducing cost overruns or delays in project completion.

Create forms to collect construction data

Every construction site will face various unexpected problems at one time or another, such as workers with setbacks on the construction site, periodic machine checks that reveal defects, and more.

Whether desktop, mobile or paper, forms enable project managers and employees to capture relevant information. Keep in mind that each construction team may require a different format for data collection.

To create checklist forms helps you and your employees keep track of tasks due on a given day.

With out-of-the-box forms, you spend less time thinking about the data to collect for a particular process. All you need to do is fill out the forms and you’re good to go.

Use a voice recorder to document observations

Voice recordings immediately document the site observations. A data transcript also eliminates the chance of missing critical information. Fortunately, there are several options for voice recorder widgets available to record information on the spot. It is also a great option to save retrieved data later.

Integrate tools that streamline data collection

Use field collaboration tools to streamline the data collection process. Proper presentation and consolidation of data are essential for rapid decision-making. Applications must therefore automatically collect data from the construction site. It should also display issues, display completed tasks, and display work statuses.

It’s best to use a tool with built-in analytics in case issues need to be escalated early. For example, avoid devices with double data entry.

Using sensors to collect data

Modern construction sites have integrated sensors into their machines to collect relevant data. For example, equipment usage and performance information shows the active and inactive times. Contractors can use this information to increase productivity and fuel efficiency.

Simplifying data collection has its advantages

Data collection in construction has become essential to ensure a smooth onsite and offsite workflow. The right data set plays an important role in streamlining various aspects of a project, making planning more efficient while also aiding work progress.

If you’re having trouble integrating these systems into your work culture, shop around and compare your options for the best solution. For example, devices like the SmartBarrel device can ease the transition.

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