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A look into the married life of Luke Kirby and Andrea Sarubbi

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When it comes to romantic relationships, Luke Kirby is a very private person. The Gossip Girl actress reveals very little about his marriage to Andrea Sarubbi. So much so that his reluctance to provide information fueled rumors of divorce about them years ago. On the other hand, they seem to be staying strong as ever, despite the lack of publicity on social media. Here are a few facts about Kirby and his wife, as well as their one-time rumor.

The Marriage of Luke Kirby and Andrea Sarubbi

Kirby and Sarubbi have been together for a long time. Given that ten-year-old stories have referred to them as “long-term” partners, the pair have been together for quite some time. Sarubbi was called his long-term lover in an August 2013 Daily Mail piece. However, there is no information about when the couple started dating. Kirby and Sarubbi just appeared in public together in 2019.

Since then, they’ve shared the red carpet at a few award shows and film festivals, including the 2019 Emmys and post-Emmy parties, as well as the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. They’ve also tied the knot. Sarubbi was identified as Kirby’s wife in an October 2019 Forbes feature on Sarah Barnett, but no date for their wedding was given.

Luke Kirby

Kirby and Sarubbi have a few hobbies in common, fashion being the most prominent. During his red carpet outings, the actor dresses to impress, something he learned growing up watching fashion TV with his sister. He did the same with his wife. He mentioned “a mutual appreciation of runway shows” in his column for The Cut. Sarubbi works in costume design in Hollywood, so this is an apt detail. She served as a costume stylist in the 2000 TV documentary Treasure Seekers, according to IMDb. Her professional location has been unclear since then.

Rumors of Luke Kirby’s Divorce

The aforementioned Daily Mail piece was about Kirby and Sarubbi’s one-time rumor. The piece, which was published on August 6, 2013, discussed how the couple may have split up as a result of his dating rumors with Katie Holmes, his Mania Days co-star. According to numerous accounts, Kirby had apparently broken up with his then-girlfriend, Sarubbi, and even moved out of the house they shared. During this time, he apparently spent a lot of time off-screen with Holmes during production breaks.

Luke Kirby

According to the Daily Mail, Kirby was a “single man” when the piece was published, and he and Holmes were “free to explore the emotions they had for each other.” Grazia is also said to have spoken with Sarubbi in June of that year. “Maybe things will get better,” she said of her relationship with Kirby. According to another report, from Look Magazine, Kirby wasn’t quite sure what to do about his crush on Sarubbi. If these reports are accepted, Kirby and Sarubbi have put their differences aside and have returned.


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