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Add chapters to YouTube videos to increase engagement

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YouTube still remains the top player among other video streaming platforms. With periodic upgrades and an ever-growing user base, YouTube’s popularity isn’t dying out anytime soon.

YouTube has an ambiguous algorithm that no one, not even the platform, knows exactly how it works. To pique the interest of such finicky algorithms and get more views on videos, you must follow YouTube stats featured on and take full advantage of the latest features.

One of those features that has been helpful to creators and viewers is the chapter feature. Let’s see what chapters are and how they can help creators increase engagement on YouTube?

Timestamps on YouTube

When you come across a video whose duration is more than 10 or 15 minutes, you probably have the desire to scroll through the video to know what it is about. It can be a motivational video or a culinary video; viewers tend to skip multiple parts.

Creators who were aware of this began to include timestamps, as well as a description of the part’s theme. This greatly helped viewers skip to the parts they found interesting.

Timestamps are usually added by the creator in the description box or comment section.

Let’s say you upload a compilation video with funny content; you can say ‘1:43 This part was funny’.

By including timestamps, creators reduce the chances of viewers scrolling through the entire video, meaning timestamps help get more views of videos. You can monetize by youtube ad, check this site for the guide to youtube ads

However, timestamps are so 2020s that hardly anyone does it anymore; instead, they add chapters to their video content.

What are chapters on YouTube?

Chapters are a more enhanced version of timestamps.

With timestamps, we already know that we can go to a specific part. It’s the same with chapters; chapters, however, are simpler and more customizable.

When chapters are added, viewers will be able to see the video play bar that is segmented into blocks. Each chapter is represented by a block.

Viewers can see a list of chapters and titles when they view the description box, which can help them navigate through the video more easily.

The chapter feature has been welcomed by most users as it helps viewers watch content without skipping.

But that’s not the only surprise that the chapter’s features bring. Chapters are not just for skipping, but also for SEO. Mentioning what a specific section is about will also add more keywords to your content.

If a user searches for a specific type of content, your content, along with a chapter that resembles it, will be displayed. That’s why you get more views on videos.

How do I add chapters to YouTube videos?

We hope you now have a clear idea of ​​what YouTube chapters are about and that you are now ready to add them to your videos.

It may take a while to add YouTube chapters, but it’s well worth the effort.

So let’s jump in. The chapters should be added in the description section of a video.

  • For starters, you need to understand that when adding chapters, the first chapter should always start at 0:00.
  • Once you’ve added the timestamp, go ahead and enter the description of the segment.
  • Repeat the above steps until the end.

Another thing to note is that if your video is longer than ten minutes, your initial timestamp should be 00:00, and the same goes for one-hour videos, 00:00:00.

After completing the steps above, you can upload your video and prepare to collect a increased engagement on YouTube and get more views on videos.

Things to consider when adding YouTube chapters

As useful as the feature is, there are also several other things to know when it comes to adding chapters:

  • Chapters are not required for all videos.

Chapters are useful features that help viewers navigate long videos. So if your video is within 3-5 minutes, there is no need to add chapters at all.

  • Use keywords when it comes to labeling chapters.

Along with the timestamps, you are also going to label the chapter. Instead of random words, try using keywords instead of random terms. This will also help increase YouTube engagement.

Instead of using a chapter on a new video right away, try it out in one of your previous videos to see how it works. You get more experience with adding chapters and therefore better understand how it works.


Every year YouTube adds a new set of features. The chapter feature is one of the features that proved to be very beneficial to content creators in their quest to reach a wider audience. Try the feature and experience the significant increase in YouTube engagement.


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