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Aipak announces 10 new pill counters today

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Wuhan, China, April 29, 2022, Aipak, one of China’s largest pharmaceutical machinery suppliers and manufacturer, today announced 10 new pill counter machines

All these machines use the most advanced electronic dust counting technology and are fully compliant with GMP requirements.

Now all of Aipak’s pill counter machines are optimized with new technologies. Many detailed parts of the machine have been improved to ensure counting accuracy, circus external interface, stable performance and fault detection.

“With more than 10 years of industry experience, Aipak is now able to provide turnkey solutions and cost-competitive pharmaceutical machines that guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and production consistency,” said Mr. Andrew Yang, Aipak General Manager.

At present, Aipak can supply more than 100 different kinds of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. It has more than 500+ customers worldwide, 800+ projects completed, 300+ in progress, 200+ repeat orders. It will provide the best solution to its customers according to their actual raw materials and it has special offer and recommendation coupon for all customers around the world.

Types of Pill Counter Machines

Among the new pill counter machines that Aipak has improved are the technologies:

-Scan system

-Dustproof design

-Three-stage vibrator

-Transparent control window

-Low Noise Design

– Fabric collection design

-New platform structure

-Bottle filling funnel

-Automatic Detection System

Each Aipak pill counter is available in different series, with both standard and custom designs. They have an accuracy of over 99.8% and use high quality stainless steel or aluminum making them very robust.

All these new Aipak pill counter machines have well-designed structure and are easy to operate, clean and maintain.

The new imported technology is based on years of R&D and provides a perfect solution for counting pills, capsules and tablets in many industries such as pharmaceutical, health care, food processing and chemical manufacturing industries.

The improved technology is intended to meet various dynamic production and research institutions, hospitals that need pill counters with high accuracy and more stable performance.

Aipak Pill Counter Machine Availability

All Aipak pill counters can be supplied as standard or customised. They are currently available for direct purchase on aipak official website.

About Aipak

Aipak supplies all kinds of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, packaging machinery, with expert R&D team and experienced engineers. Aipak is committed to providing all customers with qualified machines and satisfactory solutions based on customer’s actual production needs.

For more than 10 years, Aipak focuses on researching all kinds of counting machines, and now it can also provide customers with different speed counting lines for tablets including low-speed, medium-speed high-speed tablet counting line according to customer’s actual needs.

While all individual machines such as the bottle decrypterdesiccant insert machine, tablet counting machine, capping machine, induction sealing machine and automatic labeling machine can also be supplied separately.

Media contact:

General Manager: Andrew Yang

[email protected]

Phone: +86 189 7157 0951


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