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Alex Wassabi Biography – Real Name, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Who is Alex Wassabi?

Born on March 28, 1990 in Great Falls, Montana, USA, Alexander Burriss is a YouTube personality and former Vine star, best known for his channel Alex Wassabi in which he posts various videos including video blogs (vlogs), challenge videos, jokes, parodies and much more. The channel originally became famous thanks to its partnership and collaboration with Roi Fabito.

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The wealth of Alex Wassabi

By mid-2020, Alex Wassabi’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, largely earned through a successful career on YouTube. His online fame has led to numerous opportunities including sponsorships, partnerships and more.

He makes significant money from YouTube’s ad revenue program, which has benefited many other popular YouTubers.

Early life and online beginnings

While Alex was born in Montana, his family later moved to Durham, North Carolina, where they settled. He was educated there and attended a high school which led him to meet and befriend his future collaborator, Roi Fabito. The two lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school and became good friends. It was during this period that the two became interested in making comedy videos.

They wanted to create sketches and parodies that they could show their family and friends.

Since it was difficult to replicate the video, they chose to put it online, which is when YouTube was just starting to gain traction. After posting their first comedy video, they got a lot more attention than just family and friends. This encouraged and motivated them to continue making videos under the hoiistroi channel. In the end Alex wanted to change the name of the channel, first with the name Wasabi, a word that stuck with him after seeing “Jackass the Movie”. He used the name in the online game “starcraftseveral times, but when he created the channel, he had no idea that for years he had misspelled it as Wassabi, and the name stuck.

Alex Wassabi

Become famous

Wassabi and his friend continued to make videos without much attention, although they had a consistent following thanks to the popularity of their first video. They posted videos as a hobby – dance videos, lip syncs and other comedy endeavors. After graduating from high school, the duo decided to leave the channel as they needed to focus on their college education, but returned after just 10 months of inactivity, as they were passionate about continuing their video work.

In 2012, their popularity soared and they quickly registered as top comedy stars on YouTube at the time after the release of a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe”.

In this, Alex was dressed as a girl named Rolanda, inspired by an old Halloween costume he wore in high school. The video went viral, attracting many subscribers, eventually over eight million, and the two became celebrities.

Go their own way

Alex and Roi’s popularity reached various places around the world and they were often invited to events in Los Angeles, Florida and the like. They also traveled abroad and met fans at shows or other activities. They started releasing videos on a consistent schedule every Wednesday and even started a fanbase called The Wassabians.

From North Carolina, the two friends then accepted an offer to… Action and live in Los Angeles, California, where the most opportunities for the entertainment industry lie.

They lived in a house next door to Marlin, YellowPaco and Kyle in what was said to be a haunted apartment. However, after a year of living together, Roi expressed a desire to live on his own and left the apartment, although the two continued to work on videos. However, this was the beginning of their divorce as Roi announced in 2016 that he was leave the channel to pursue other interests and passions. This came just as his YouTube gaming channel, Guava Juice, was getting a lot more attention.

He also often had to travel to his home country, Guatemala, due to some family requirements.

Recent projects

After Roi left, Alex continued to lead Wassabi alone, and changed the name to Alex Wassabi to indicate that he was the only one responsible for it. He still maintained a steady crew including Matt Wassabi, Drew Wassabi and Rob Wassabi. From making weekly comedy sketches and videos, he started uploading more to his channel, and over the years turned it into more of a vlog channel, showcasing some of his recent endeavors.

He also made comedic images and posted trends within the YouTube community, such as videos with challenges and the like. In recent months, his younger brother and other YouTubers have become increasingly frequent guests, including fellow YouTuber Caeli – or CaELike – whom he calls his best friend. He has chosen a more consistent schedule, of three videos a week.

Aside from YouTube, Alex became somewhat of a star on Vine over the years of his popularity. However, after the service was discontinued, he returned to focus more on YouTube content. He has also been more active with his other social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter where he connects with fans while also promoting some advocacy activities.

In recent weeks, he has spoken out against racial injustice and inequality, following the… protests in the US following the death of George Floyd, a black man who was in custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Private life

Alex was previously in a relationship with YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki – they were together for three years before breaking up in 2018. The following year, he started dating CaELike or Caeli, but the two broke up after a short while, though they remained best friends. He has two younger brothers, both of whom appear frequently on his channel, and he also has a sister. His siblings have also pursued careers online and on social media.


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