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Already extended? See how Finale gives a subtle hint to the future

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The Netflix fantasy drama Alchemy Of Souls drove fans insane with its unique storyline and magical world. Now fans are clamoring for more because they can’t get over the show. However, it remains unclear if Alchemy Of Souls season 3 will return. Well, there are plenty of things that suggest the show should return. Even the amazing finale left fans wondering if Jang Uk and Naksu would return if they came back to life in the second run. So will it happen? Let’s see.

Alchemy Of Souls takes place in a functional land of Daeho. It focuses on the growth and love of young mages as they deal with their twisted fates. An elite warrior named Naksu is accidentally trapped in Mu-deok by a forbidden magical spell, “alchemy of souls,” that allows them to switch bodies. Naksu, later entangled with Jang Uk, started teaching him magical skills, and they both fell in love. But three years later, Mu-deok went wild and killed innocent people, while Jang Uk and Jin Mu returned from the dead with the help of ice stone.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 3: Renewal Status!

Alchemy of souls season 3

Netflix’s K-drama just dropped the final episode of its second season, which perfectly concluded its storyline. Finally, the couple got their perfect ending. But it left fans wondering if Alchemy Of Souls Season 3 is happening. Well, it’s a sincere question that everyone wants to know. The show ended yesterday. So it’s pretty early to guess if it will return for the third run. Netflix usually takes a few months to announce its decision.

Renewal status is based on reception and viewership. Netflix has not disclosed its official viewership. But the second season ended up taking 41st place in all-time highest cable drama. Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 received a score of 9.561%. Despite experiencing a rating drop, the second season still managed to outrun the first season, which had a 9.295% rating, securing 44th place. But it remains unclear if Alchemy Of Souls season 3 will return.

Is it happening?

Alchemy of souls season 3

While Netflix has yet to announce an official renewal, the story ended peacefully. The narration was all about the love story of Jang Uk and Naksu. Both were separated in the first season, but reunited in the second season. The second season finale ended with Jang Uk joining Naksu in Heaven. So it doesn’t seem like there’s any storyline left to explore their story. So considering the Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 10, it doesn’t look like Alchemy Of Souls Season 3 will ever happen.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 3: What Happens Next?

The final ended with Jang Uk joining Naksu in Heaven. However, the couple returned to the top of the tallest tree on Danhyanggok. The pair appear at every full moon to guide the humans and fight the relic. However, if the show returns with the third season, the pair will continue to fight the Relics as it hints at a new looming threat. The king of the kingdom finds himself in a tricky situation after losing his friend Jang Uk. He wants to make him the Gwanju of Cheonbugwan, but that’s not going to happen now.

However, Seo Yul is happy when Nasku promises to help him lead Jeonjinggak. They recruit humans, as many sacrificed their lives fighting the firebird. So they need new members to build their team who can support and save Danhyanggok from the looming threat. Furthermore, the finale did not mention the real Bu-Yeon. She’s still wandering somewhere. So maybe the upcoming season can explore Bu-Yeon’s side of the story.

A quick summary!

In the season finale, Jang Uk and Naksu spent their time together as a normal couple. While the couple was happy, Jin Mu got a new body. But in the end, Master Lee interfered in Jang Uk and Naksu’s life. He suggested that they get married now and witnessed the event. Naksu revealed that she wanted to get married with her birth name Cho-Yeong. Then the couple fulfilled their promise by climbing the tallest tree. Soon the scene shifted to Jin Mu, who wanted to take out the firebird. The crown prince was shocked to learn about Jin Mu’s ability. Jin Mu held Ho-gyeong by the throat and threatened to open the door for her.

Alchemy of souls season 3
Alchemy of souls season 3

She had no choice but to open it. Jin Mu entered the magic room and took out the firebird egg. Later, he destroyed some words and left Cho-yeon. Soon Park-jin learned about this incident and rushed to save his beloved. But after learning to close the portal before it got too late, he closed it and sealed Kim and Ho-gyeong inside. He later rushed to see Jin Mu, and it ended in a fight. But Jin Mu pierced his heart and left Park behind. Meanwhile, Jang Uk returned and revealed the shocking truth. Naksu was dead, and later Jang Uk used his power, fused with the powers of the seven stars to kill the firebird and sacrifice his life.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 3: Release Date

As of now, Netflix has yet to renew the show for its third season. Usually K-dramas only run for one season. But Alchemy Of Souls ran for two seasons, which was pretty impressive. But the chances of Alchemy Of Souls season 3 are slim. But if the show returns for another season, it will take nearly a year to complete production. So season 3 of Alchemy Of Souls could air in the fall of 2024. Stay informed. TechRadar247 will keep you posted.


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