Amazon is giving up the Glow, the kid-focused video calling device

“At Amazon, we think big, experiment and invest in new ideas to delight customers,” Amazon spokesperson Tim Gillman said in a statement. The edge. “We also continuously evaluate the progress and potential of our products to deliver customer value, and we make regular adjustments based on those assessments. We will be sharing updates and guidance with Glow customers soon.” Gillman declined to share further details.

The actual Amazon Glow hardware consisted of a teleconferencing device with a built-in table projector that could project things like games or puzzles onto a special mat. The idea was that a child could play games on the mat while video chatting with a parent or relative on another device (Amazon recommended using a tablet). In her review of Glow, Jennifer Pattison Tuohy praised many of the games and the product’s intuitive interface, but criticized it for having occasional bugs and taking up a lot of space.

It’s unclear how well the Glow sold – probably not well given Amazon is shutting it down a little over a year after its announcement – but according to Bloombergit only had about 500 reviews, which is quite low for an Amazon product.

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