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Amber Heard FIRING from Aquaman 2 CONFIRMED by James Wan After Petition Reaches 20 Million Signatures

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Is Amber Heard a part of Aquaman 2? Well, I know this particular question is currently in everyone’s mind. But guess what, we finally have a confirmed update on this matter. James Wan is here to give you the final verdict on this question. Do you know the answer to the question? Well, if you don’t, then what are you waiting for? Stay tuned with us to know it all, just down here.

Is Amber Heard Fired From Aquaman 2?

The answer to your most asked question is still on hold. Many were waiting for the final announcement and guess what even after such a long wait, it has still not been revealed. As per our sources, Amber Heard is still not fired from Aquaman 2. Looks like just like her ex-husband Johnny Depp, she too will have to go through the stardom loss, but will not be removed from Aquaman 2!

A viral petition was growing on the internet which demanded Amber Heard’s removal from Aquaman 2! The petition has now been signed by over 20 million people worldwide. Yes, the number is quite huge and shocking! It is obvious that Amber Heard has earned herself some major haters out there!

The Viral Petition Demanding Amber Heard’s Removal! Know Everything About It Just Down Here!

We all know about the major mess between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. The ex-couple has recently faced some serious consequences in their respective acting careers. Both have placed different accusations over one another and thus things have gone beyond their own hands.

It all started when Johnny Depp was removed from the Warner Bros. franchise of Fantastic Beasts. Obviously, Depp’s fans were not going to take this thing lightly. Thus the petition comes into the picture. We all know the first part of Aquaman pictured Amber Heard. She plays the role of the female protagonist in the movie. The audience clearly wants and demands a new Mera in the sequel film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. But will we see a new Mera in the sequel movie of Aquaman, namely, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

James Wan Confirming Amber Heard’s Removal From Aquaman 2?

Amber Heard’s removal from Aquaman 2 has been a constant question for the audience out there. Most people are against the actress. The petition which is still in swing has now crossed over 20 million signatures!

But despite the clear chaos out there, the director of the Aquaman franchise has decided to not give in to the public demand. The filming for the film has been wrapped up. What’s done can’t be unchanged. Moreover, the director of Aquaman, James Wan personally thing the petition to be a silly thing. Well his decision of not removing Amber Heard from Aquaman 2, will definitely bring some serious disappointment for the audience out there. So will the sequel movie face loss?

The first part of the movie has been really bang-on and extraordinary for the audience out there. The production of the sequel film has guaranteed us a more mature plot this time. But will the movie survive amid Amber Heard’s chaos? Well, this can be only known, when the film is released. Thus don’t forget to catch the movie this year, on the 16th of December, 2022.


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