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Americans Can Benefit from Spider Vein Treatment and Live Freely – The Types of Treatment Available

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The spider and varicose veins impact nearly 80 million Americans, including men and women. The veins can result in a host of issues in your life. The list is endless, from feeling uncomfortable to wearing your shorts to feeling painful. The solution here is to opt-in for a spider vein treatment. 

Understanding spider veins

The varicose and spider veins tend to appear on the legs as swollen and discoloured. Even though it occurs more in women, almost anyone can get it. Certain factors such as obesity, pregnancy and smoking might maximize the scope of getting spider veins. 

The varicose and spider veins tend to appear similar but are not. The varicose veins usually bulge out as the valves don’t work to ensure that the blood flows correctly. The spider veins will lay flat right against your skin, and it might become very small. That aside, the varicose veins usually get seen in a bluish color. The spider veins, however, will appear purple or red. 

Generally, these veins don’t result in any serious medical problems. In terms of appearance, it might just make you feel unsightly. Most people would want to get rid of them. To know more about the ways to treat this problem, you can check out the available treatments in Houston, TX

The kinds of spider vein treatment

  • Laser

Laser treatment is ideal for varicose or spider veins, which are very small. The laser will destroy the vein without harming the skin. The small veins have a chance to get removed instantly. Expect the bigger veins to get darkened for some months and then vanish. A patient will need a few laser treatments to see the outcome. 

  • The compression stockings

Once the laser treatment is over, you need to put on compression stockings for some time. Wearing this can enable you to bring down the scope of varicose veins by themselves. It can work by putting pressure on the legs to ensure correct blood flow to the heart. It helps to reduce the leg swelling and avert the formation of blood clots, which is a potent risk when you have varicose veins. 

When you put on compression stockings, the veins wouldn’t disappear completely. However, the threat to your physical health is less. It would help if you got in touch with a vein professional for them to decide whether you must wear the compression stocking during, before or after the treatment. 

  • Vein stripping

The vein stripping would denote removing the varicose veins surgically. At times, the surgery can remove the entire vein. However, at other times, the doctor can tie the vein so that the varicose veins don’t form. The doctor needs to put you under spinal or general anesthesia for this treatment. After that, you need to place a bandage on the incision and put on a compression stocking for some time. In case you suffer from small spider veins, the ideal choice is not surgery. In fact, it is a good choice when you have prominent varicose veins, which can harm your health. 

These are a few of the ways in which you can remedy your spider veins and live a pain-free life. 

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