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Annal Bishop is an American star child. She became known in the media as the youngest daughter of the actor Jamie Foxx† Her father is probably one of the most prolific actors of all time and has been nominated several times for Academy Awards.

She was born to Jamie and his ex-girlfriend. The lovebirds were in a relationship for several years before breaking up. They have since co-parent their daughter together.

So what is Annalize Bishop doing now? Where does she study? Is she interested in acting like her father? Let’s find some interesting facts about Annalize here today!

Annalize Bishop Wiki: Who is her mother?

She was born on October 3, 2008, in the United States. She is the only daughter between Jamie and Kristin Grannis† Her father is from Texas and her mother is from California.

By the way, Annalize belongs to mixed ethnicity as her father is African American and her mother is white. She has American nationality.

Kristine and Jamie share a daughter, Annalize.

Annalize spent her early childhood in the state of California. At the time of writing this article, Annalize is 13 years old, so she attends a high school.

Her parents relationship

Sin city is known for its love stories and heartbreak. There are many celebrities who tend to reveal many intricate details about their relationship while there are some who would say nothing. Annalize’s father and mother are among the latter.

In fact, Jamie and Kristin’s relationship was so secretive that we didn’t know they were dating until ten years after Annalize was born, namely 2017. The revelation came when everyone got curious about Bishop’s mother and it turned out to be Grannis.

By the looks of it, it seemed like Foxx and Grannis were in an on-again, off-again relationship. This is why they didn’t show up as often as every other couple going out.

As of now, the lovebirds are separated, but they still remain on good terms with each other. Considering that they are co-parenting their daughter, it is clear that Jamie and Kristin are very close to each other.

Annalize Bishop has a half brother

On her father’s side she has an older sister, Corinne Marie Foxx which Jamie shares with his ex-partner, Connie Kline† She was born on February 15, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. Corinne shares her middle name with Jamie’s grandmother.

Speaking of Corinne, well, Corinne seems to have followed her old man’s path. She started working as a model and actress while studying in high school. While attending Sierra Canyon School, she was a cheerleader and even appeared on the cover of American Cheerleader in 2011.

Annalize Bishop Sister
Annalize with her half sister.

Just after graduating from USC, she joined the Howard Fine Acting Studio and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to hone her acting skills. Similarly, she has appeared on the big screen a handful of times.

She is also a model and made her debut at the Bal des debutantes in November 2014. Until now, she has worked for several labels such as Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenneth Cole and Wet ‘n’ Wild cosmetics. She also made her New York Fashion Week debut in 2016.

Is Annalize Bishop interested in acting? Her hobby’s

When you’re a star kid, everyone seems to be curious about getting involved in the entertainment industry as well. Annalize’s father is a multi-talented person who is not only an actor but also a singer, comedian and DJ. And it looks like Annalize has tied her hands in several fields as well.

During an interview in 2021 with Good morning America, Jamie revealed that Annalize likes to play basketball. While studying in high school, Jamie had always dreamed of playing football, but it didn’t happen for him. But it looks like his daughter who stands at 5ft 10inches could become a sports star albeit not a footballer but rather a basketball player.

In the interview, he spoke about Bishop’s play, stating: “Her last [basketball] game for COVID, she played with the boys, she had 21 points, 17 rebounds, 5 blocks.” She definitely has the ability to become a great player.

She also likes to play different musical instruments

In addition to her sports talent, Annalize is also interested in music. In the same interview, he mentioned that his daughter plays the piano and guitar.

Jamie has shared a handful of photos of Annalize in which she can be seen in the clothes of a singer. In addition, their shared interest in music, Jamie said he and his youngest daughter have been able to connect better.

He told Online entertainment“My 11 year old can play the piano so well now, she plays my songs while I sing to them. She said, “I’m going on tour with you.” I am blessed, we are all blessed.”

Well, Annalize is a really capable person, and I think we’ll just have to wait and see where her career will go.

Her father is an award winning actor

Jamie started his career by working in small roles in movies and series. He started out as a comedian and rose to massive fame after appearing on a sketch comedy show, In living color† His successful venture led him to host his own show, The Jamie Foxx Show, which became a cult classic.

Annalize Bishop Father Jamie
Bishop with her father.

In 2004 he worked on Ray Charles’ autobiography, Ray, which helped him to his first Academy Award, British Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Critics Choice Award and Golden Globe Award. In the same year, he was again nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film, Security

His other famous movies include The Amazing Spider ManSpiderman: No way homeJarhead

Annalize Bishop Net Worth

Considering she is only a teenager, Annalize has no equity. She lives a lavish lifestyle, all thanks to her father’s vast fortune. As she talks about the matter, her father is worth a whopping $200 million.