Friday, September 22, 2023

Apple reportedly wants to swap the ‘Hey Siri’ trigger phrase for just ‘Siri’

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Apple Wants To Change Siri’s Trigger Phrase From “Hey Siri” To Just “Siri,” According To A Report From Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman. This means you just have to say “Siri” followed by a command to activate the smart assistant.

As Gurman noted, Apple has been working on this feature for the past few months and is expected to roll out next year or in 2024. But Apple will need to do a “considerable amount of AI training and underlying technical work” to make sure the feature works properly, as the smart assistant needs to understand the single wake word in multiple accents and dialects. The current two-word trigger phrase, “Hey Siri”, increases the chances of Siri picking it up.

Switching to a single wake word could help Siri keep up with Amazon’s Alexa, as users can already activate the smart assistant with just “Alexa” instead of “Hey Alexa”. It would also put Siri a step ahead of the Google Assistant, which requires the phrases “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to activate it (although you don’t have to repeat the activation word when saying back-to-back- assignments). Even Microsoft made the switch from “Hey Cortana” to “Cortana” on smart speakers before disabling the voice assistant last year.

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