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Are You Applying for a Bail Bond? Avoid These Common Mistakes

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Life will come to a screeching halt when you suddenly find someone dear to you arrested for committing no crime. There are times when a person gets involved in the crime scene accidentally. And sometimes, some malicious people try to frame a person for a crime they didn’t do. In both situations, freeing the person from jail and filing a legal case is essential. After that, you need to find a good lawyer to ensure that the person’s innocence is proven. But first, you need to get this person out of jail. 

How do you get a dear one out of jail? The answer is simple. You need to pay a bail amount for it. And while you can go ahead and get it done all by yourself, it’s best if you say yes to a bail bond company. To know more about this, you can check out Castle Bail Bonds – Dayton

But when applying for the bail bond, you need to make sure that you do it correctly and stay clear from the common mistakes people make. Here are a few mistakes to avoid. 

  • Offering the wrong address

You might have an excellent reason to add the wrong residential address, but you shouldn’t do this. It can only spoil your chances of getting the bail and hurt your legal outcome. There is a chance that your bail request might get denied if you add the wrong address. That aside, you should also double-check the address before you post the bail so that you don’t make careless errors in haste. It would help if you remembered anything which raises an alarm sign to the bail bond paperwork and might make the bail bond agency withdraw their wish to help you. 

  • Traveling when you are on a bail

Has your lawyer told you not to travel when you are on bail? If yes, then you need to pay heed to it. If you break this rule, you will end up with a problem. If you don’t attend the court hearing, it can add more trouble for you. If you need to travel, ensure that you alert the court through your lawyer, so they can reach you if there is a need. However, the best tactic is not to travel until the case gets settled. Your lawyer would be the best person who can help you in deciding this. 

  • Selecting the wrong bail bond company

Many people, in a haste to bring out their loved one from the jail, fail to do the proper research required to select a bail bond company. According to Chiang Rai Times, you should check whether the bail bond company has the correct license. That aside, you should also check out the online reviews to see what others say about the bail bond company. Once you know what others say about a bail bond company, you can arrive at an informed decision. 

These are some of the crucial mistakes you must avoid if you want the bail process correct.


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