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Are You Planning to Install Solar Panels? Do You Need to Replace Your Roof Before Installation?

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High-quality solar panels last more than three decades. During their lifespan, solar panels will undoubtedly help you save thousands of dollars on electricity charges. As these systems come with a long lifespan, many homeowners think about the impact of solar panels on the roof. 

How will your roof hold over time? What will happen if you need to replace the roof after solar panel installation? Is it best to replace the roof before the installation? In this article, we will answer these questions so that you can know whether it’s best to replace the roof before the solar panel installation process. 

Should You Focus on Roof Replacement Before Solar Panel Installation? 

Before installing the solar panels, make sure you contact professionals for a thorough roof inspection to ensure it can withstand the weight of the solar panels, especially when you have an old home. If your roof is a couple of years from the replacement, it’s best to contact professionals to determine the condition of the roof. 

Even though most solar panel companies don’t offer services related to roof inspection or installation, there are some exceptions. For example, when you contact EcoGen Americathey will not only install solar panels but also help you with the roofing of your house. Click here for their location 

If they determine that your roof needs to be replaced before completing the solar panel installation process, make sure you listen to their advice. Solar panels are extremely durable than any other roofing materials. Therefore, when you’re installing solar panels, you’re boosting the lifespan of the roof in that particular area. 

How Much Do You Need to Pay for Solar Panel Installation and Roof Replacement?

If you need to replace your old roof before installing the solar panels, you might be wondering how much you’re going to pay for the entire process. The cost of solar panel installation can go as high as $25,000 without incentives. Additionally, the average cost of total roof replacement is $10,000, depending on the contractor and materials you choose. Therefore, you can expect to pay around $30,000 for both roof replacement and solar panel installation. However, you will be able to save thousands of dollars if you can combine these two large projects. If you have a federal tax credit, you can save a lot of money while installing solar panels. You can also contact companies that offer both of these services as they will give you huge discounts. As per Energy, solar energy is good for the environment. 

How Much Do You Need to Pay to Remove Solar Panels to Replace or Repair the Roof?

If you notice roofing issues and you need to fix or replace the roof post-installation process of solar panels, you need to consider the labor costs associated with the removal process. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with costs associated with the as the price varies. Installers will come up with different labor rates. Not to mention, the cost will also depend on the overall size of your system, the number of panels that need to be removed, and the place to store the equipment. 


It’s best if you inspect your roof before installing the solar panels so that you don’t face problems in the future. Make sure you contact us and we will assist you. 

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