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Art Burke (Ice Road Truckers) Age, Family, Net Worth, Wiki

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Who is Art Burke?

Art Burke is a Canadian truck driver and television personality, who gained fame with his appearance in the highly popular TV series “Ice Road Truckers” from 2013 to 2017. driving for Polar Industries and VP Express.

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Art Burke Wiki – Age, Childhood and Education

Arthur Burke was born in Yellowknife, the capital and only city in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Art has not shared his exact date of birth with the media, but he is 65 years old as of 2020.


Posted by Art Burke On Wednesday 30 May 2018

He didn’t mention his parents and siblings. However, he shares his love for the vehicles that he has had since childhood. He started snooping around motorcycles and cars and learned not only how to drive them, but everything else. He started experimenting with vehicles and made adjustments that he could do himself, which only deepened his love for vehicles.

Career Start

It took Art years to perfect the skills of truck driving on the icy roads.

He worked for a number of companies and drove his beast for nearly 15 years on the icy roads in the Arctic regions of Canada and Alaska. However, his hard work paid off when he joined VP Express. Since “Ice Roads Truckers” had already picked up VP Express and its owner Hugh Rowland, along with other company drivers, Art was immediately featured on the show and got involved in several fights with his boss, Hugh Rowland, and had no other option but to leave the company and with that “Ice Road Truckers”.

Rise to fame

Despite the arguments, he was very successful on the show and the audience wanted him back. He listened to the wishes of the producers and his loyal fans and returned as a member of Polar Industries, starring in the eighth through eleventh seasons. In the eighth season, he was the one responsible for the end of the season win and delivered the final load. Although the show stopped airing in 2017, Art still rides the Polar Industries on the often icy roads of Canada and Alaska.

In 2014, he was part of the documentary “Ice Road Truckers Canada”, which also increased his popularity.

Art has been involved in some dangerous situations during his missions on roads not really suitable for trucks; on one of his trips, he nearly drowned when the load in his truck was much heavier than the ice could support. Fortunately, he made his way across the ice, but the situation was critical.

Cannabis explosion and sense

Art has been heavily criticized in the media lately; he was involved in a cannabis explosion while making a cannabis concentrate called shatter.

Art Burke

The butane ignited and caused the explosion, which caused property damage to his bathroom as it blew the door off its hinges, also causing an estimated $60,000 worth of damage to the building he lived in. Art was injured in the explosion and suffered burns to 40% of his body while trying to put out the fire. The unfortunate event took place in November 2019 and he expected a conviction on August 3, 2020, but he did not appear in court, as he confused the trial time scheduled for 9:00 am with 9:30 am.

According to sources, Burke will be serving an 18-month sentence under house arrest.

Art Burke net worth, height, weight and appearance

Art has become a famous TV personality and a successful truck driver, which along with his popularity have significantly increased his wealth. According to sources, Burke’s net worth is estimated at $500,000. His salary while appearing on the “Ice Road Truckers” series was reportedly $20,000 per episode.

Art’s exact height and weight are unknown, but he appears to be quite tall and keeps his body in perfect shape despite his age. He is now bald and has brown eyes.

Art Burke Personal life, marriage, wife, children

His personal life is off the camera lights and he has gone to great lengths to hide all private information. However, Art is a married man and father, while recently he is also a grandfather, because he has a granddaughter. He once shared a picture of himself and his wife however, on his official Facebook account, there is no information about when the two got married and what his wife’s name is.

Art Burke News, Facts

In addition to trucks, Art is still an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and he often shares pictures of herself on the bike. He likes to restore old motorcycles, when he has done so built a snowmobile.

Art is known for his outbursts of swearing when he encounters a problem and things don’t go as planned – he’s known for bursting out with things like “We’re Messing Up”, among other things, recognized and apparently enjoyed by the public.


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