Arte (Anime) Season 2 Release Date, Manga News, Trailer

arte, adapted from Kei Ohkubo’s manga series to the anime series, met audiences with its first season in recent months. Announced by the Japanese broadcaster Tokuma Shoten in July 2019 and broadcast from April 4 to June 20, the anime series managed to gain public appreciation. The series was originally published on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji and ytv. The details of the new season of the Funimation licensed series, which have been translated into English and met Hulu’s audience, are curious. Has it been extended for? season 2† What will the Season 2 storyline be and when will it air?

What is Arte’s storyline and what could be next?

The story of the series is set in Florence in the 16th century during the most vibrant periods of the Renaissance. Arte is a young and beautiful lady who loves art and does her best to get out of civilization. After the death of his father, however, things do not go the way Arte wanted. arte is shocked by the deaths of him and his father, the greatest proponent of his art. Arte must now marry a nobleman and live as a housewife. Arte, a powerful girl, decides to look for an art master on the street instead of this road.

No one believes in Arte, who is excluded from this world because she is a woman. Until a famous master named Leo accepted him as his apprentice. A difficult path awaits Arte, who tries to master the art and has to earn money to live. The last time we watched the anime, Arte returned to Florence and met his master again. While Leo advises her on his ambitions, Arte started looking for a bigger boss. During this time, she begins to read and evolve to find a greater master. Veronica also advises him to leave Arte and find a new master. Arte gets a call from Rome, and this is a really unusual offer. Irene is a successful Spanish aristocrat and associated with the cardinal, and Arte can paint a portrait of a princess. How will she respond to this great offer and shape its future? We hope to see the answer to this question in Season 2.

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As of May 3, 2021: At the time of writing, the Arte anime is not yet renewed for a second season.

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Seven Arcs, the Japanese anime production company responsible for the production of the series, has not yet shared any information regarding the production of the series’ second season. The manga of the series is not ready yet. All preparations require a period of at least one year.

There is no official explanation for the new season of the series, but we don’t see a new season following our speculation either. The main reason for this is that it is underestimated and does not give what is desired in the sale of discs.

If there is an official statement, we will inform you again from here.

manga status

Arte, or Arute as it is known in Japan, is a TV adaptation of the manga written by Kei Ohkubo. The manga series, which began airing on October 25, 2013, is still ongoing. The continuation of the manga expands the possibilities of the next season as the manga is the only source material of the anime.

Fourteen volumes of the manga have been released so far and the last volume was released on January 20, 2021. The original manga has been published in Monthly Comic Zenon magazine. Media Do, an English publisher, translated part of the manga into English. (So ​​far only the first three parts.)

Arte’s anime covers 37 chapters of the manga. This is in the middle of the eighth section. The anime is in the middle of the manga, and we can say that there is enough source material for a second season. You can learn the rest of the story by reading the manga from the 8th part if you want.

Disc sales

Overall, the anime is expected to continue to sell more than 4,000 on average for a new season. Although the sale of discs is not as valuable as before as the exclusive distributors have grown in recent years, it is an important factor to see the popularity in Japan. In the first season of the anime, it sold discs in 2 parts and was one of the lowest selling anime of 2020. It sold 211 units in the first part and 222 in the second part. With these sales figures, a second season is almost impossible.

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Is there a trailer for the second season of Arte?

No visual preparation has been made for the series’ second season yet. That’s why it doesn’t seem possible to see a trailer at this stage. However, we will keep the news for you and update it as it becomes available.

Anime official trailer (season one)

Arte characters

We don’t expect a radical change in the characters of the series in Season 2. However, as the anime progresses, we will see new characters in the series, it is not yet clear.

Junya Enoki as Angelo
Mao Ichimichi as Catarina
Mikako Komatsu as Arte
Katsuya Konishi as Leo
Kosuke Toriumi as Yuri
Sayaka hara as Veronica


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