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Avoid these mistakes when installing a fire alarm on your property

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Shreya Christina
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In 2021, there were 15,000 injuries and 3600 deaths from fire. Businesses must be cautious of these statistics, as they are equally liable. Installing the fire alarm and maintaining the same is the responsibility of business owners. Only running the business is not enough. You have to take steps for its proper maintenance. Remember that you are the business owner and bear the responsibility for every individual working within your premises. 

  • Do not set a false alarm

Fire alarms help in life-saving situations, but they may become annoying if you constantly set off the false alarm. False alarms sometimes compel individuals to believe there is no problem or threat when the situation is the opposite. To prevent false alarms, install alarms away from the ducts and doors. Remember that ducts are the cause of these false alarms. Hence, you must be cautious of its installation. 

  • Could you not install it near your kitchen? 

There are a few locations for you to install your fire alarm appropriately. If your enterprise has a kitchen, it’s decent to keep the fire alarm away from that. The fire alarm sensor gets triggered when placed close to ovens and other appliances. Install fire alarms at least 20 feet away from these areas. 

  • Not interconnecting alarms

Irrespective of the category of alarm you are using, you must interconnect the same. The smoke alarm works together to protect the entire business. Regardless of the fire location, the system may warn you again. When one alarm buzzes, you will see the recurring effect of all the alarm systems. It is thereby essential to go for interconnecting alarms to ensure better notification. 

  • Install a single type of fire alarm

The latest alarms respond to a smoldering fire. Since there are multiple types of fire alarms, they may detect distinct fires. For example, ionization alarms detect the actual flame, while a photoelectric alarm from Mammoth Security Inc. New Britain is also famous. 

You may install these categories with a dual-sensor to ensure the business is safe and sound. These are available at your disposal both online as well as offline. 

Whenever you invest in a fire alarm, do not forget to test it. Remember that these are viable investments for your enterprise. You cannot take a risk with the security system. Remember that the fire alarm must be installed aptly, that too, under the monitoring of professionals. Incorrect installation and improper maintenance can cost you your hard-earned money. When you work with professionals, see to it that they read the instructions coming with the fire alarm system. 

Every alarm has a unique way of installation and maintenance. These days fire alarm installation becomes easy because high-class fire alarms are available on the market. To keep the business safe and sound, you must depend upon reliable and fast services from reputed agencies. For this, you may research the available options and know their rates. The professionals have their area of service. So you must invest money in high-class agencies. 



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