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Back soon! Kurt is going to investigate an infection outside a nightclub

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Netflix’s hit crime drama Young Wallander is returning very soon for its second episode. Based on Henning Mankell’s fictional Inspector Kurt Wallander, the thriller series premiered on the network in September 2020. The series received mixed reviews and criticism for its modern setting. Despite a mixed rating of 6.8/10 on IMDB and 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix renewed Young Wallander season 2 in November 2020. And the second episode of the drama is titled Killer’s Shadow.

Young Wallender is an edgy and modern drama series. It follows Henning Mankell’s iconic detective Kurt Wallander who investigates his first gripping case. The drama centers on Kurt’s personal and professional experiences as a newly graduated police officer in his early twenties. The first episode details Kurt’s journey from a novice officer to a veteran detective who manages to solve a complicated mystery. So, what happens in Young Wallander season 2? Keep reading ahead to find out!

Image: Netflix

Young Wallander Season 2: What to Expect?

Kurt dives into another mysterious and nerve-wracking case during Young Wallander: Killer’s Show. In the second episode, he navigates the increasingly violent atmosphere of present-day Sweden. In addition, he will try to solve a mysterious case and find some answers that he is looking for. However, things will change for Kurt when he returns after failing to save a young teenager from a vicious attack in season one. He will have to work through the trauma as he tries to get crucial clues during his investigation. However, some sensitive situations can test Kurt’s strength to take hold of his mind and not let the trauma take over him.

Adam Palsson, who plays Kurt in Young Wallander, revealed some crucial details about Young Wallander season 2 during a conversation with Swedish outlet Moviezine. According to Adam, the upcoming case would be more vivid, heartbreaking and poignant. The second season digs deeper into the lives of Reza, Rask, Mona and other characters as fans learn more about them.

Young Wallander Season 2

A new boss takes over the serious crime unit and brings Kurt Wallander back into the field to pursue criminals. Wallander accepts to return to the police force after resigning last season. He is tasked with solving a seemingly simple case of investigation into a contamination incident outside a crowded nightclub. However, things turn out not to be as simple as it seems when Wallander begins his investigation to find the hidden realities in Young Wallander season 2.

What happened in last season’s finale?

Kurt convinced Hemberg and Rash that Karl-Axel Munck was responsible for Hugo’s murder in the first season finale. Unfortunately, they had no solid evidence to prove his involvement. After a conversation with Leopold Munck, Wallander discovered that the inheritance had changed to Gustav.

Furthermore, Hemberg and Kurt called Karl for questioning while trying to get his DNA sample. They believed that Karl killed his brother in order to remain relevant to his father. They believed that Karl might attack Gustav’s newly built shelter. But they didn’t find the bomb there.

Image: Netflix

Kurt concluded that Karl was aware of the inheritance transfer. Furthermore, Mona and Gustav canceled the opening of the shelter to look inside the Munck Shipping facility. Kurt and Hemberg rushed to the facility and established Gustav. However, the bomb was in Gustav’s car and the resulting explosion killed Hemberg. Karl denied all charges and thanked Kurt for saving Gustav. However, Kurt was frustrated and decided to resign from the police force. He then invited Mona to his home in Young Wallander season 1.

Who will return for Young Wallander Season 2?

The protagonists, including Adam Palsson as Kurt and Yasen Atour as Reza, will return for the second season. Several new members have also been added to the cast burner. Tomiwa Edun has been cast as Samuel Osei. He becomes the new boss, taking over the crime unit from Young Wallander in Season 2.

Lia Hammond will also play Roberta Modin this season. In addition, Richard Dillane, Leanne Best, Ellise Chappel and Charles Mnene are expected to join the cast.

Image: Netflix

Young Wallander Season 2: Release Date

Netflix renewed the second episode in November 2020. And according to Deadline, the second season is due to come out at the end of 2021. However, several delays in production led to a postponement. And now Netflix is ​​all set to premiere Young Wallander Season 2 on February 17, 2022. The current season will have a total of six episodes, similar to the first episode. So stay tuned for more informative news updates, only at cafemadrid.com.


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