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Barry’s next step, Sally saving the show! Know the release date

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It looks like Barry Season 3 Episode 3 will be about Barry and his acting skills. He will finally convince Gene to join him. However, it seems that Gene needs some time to forgive Barry. Well, why not, especially when Barry convinced Gene at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Sally will solve some serious problems, which could lead to more damage in the upcoming episode. Will she fix it? Keep reading to know more.

Barry Season 3 Episode 3 Preview: What Happens Next?

Barry Season 3 Episode 3, titled “Ben Mendelsohn”, is being directed by Alec Berg as Emma Barrie wrote it. It looks like Barry is finally getting the part for himself and Gene he wanted. Although Gene has escaped from the car. But Barry knew Gene had to be with Leo, so he’ll rush to see him. He will then ask Gene to work with him if he wants to see Leo and his son alive. So Gene surrenders to save Leo and the lives of his family. Now both will be rehearsing for their lead roles.

After learning that their show is thematically similar to another show, Sally prepares for a first press tour. She decides to reveal everything so that they can save their show. Katie will also support Sally through this process. But is it the right move? Meanwhile, after being dumped by Cristobal, Hank will reach Funches. And there will be some bickering moments. Cristobal will also throw another trick and tactic at Fernando. Could it help? Let’s wait to see it.

A quick summary!

In the previous episode, titled “Iimonada,” Barry asked Sally to cast Gene on her show. He believed it could ease his mind and apparently help him get Gene’s forgiveness. However, Sally told him that her bosses wouldn’t allow him. And it led to Barry losing control and yelling at her in the production offices. Later, Barry also booked an audition, but that didn’t work out. Meanwhile, Cristobal’s boss and father-in-law, Fernando, visited him. They planned an attack on the Chechen heroin operation to force the Chechens to leave LA and Cristobal could return to Bolivia with his family.

Barry Season 3 Episode 3

However, things did not go as well as Chechens escaped before the raid could take place. And Cristobal broke up with Hank, believing their relationship could endanger Hank. Meanwhile, Lindsay told Sally about a show that was thematically similar series. So it forced Sally to move the show’s premiere. As for Barry, he finally scored a position on the show and landed a part for Gene. But Gene had escaped from the trunk of his car. So, Barry went to Leo’s house and threatened to kill Leo and his son if Gene didn’t come out.

Barry Season 3 Episode 3: Release Date

Barry Season 3 Episode 3

Barry Season 3 Episode 3, titled “Ben Mendelsohn”, will air on HBO on Sunday, May 8, 2022 at 10 p.m. The all-new episode follows a weekly release schedule. You can also stream Barry on HBO Max. So stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you informed.

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