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Basketball Wives Star Malaysia Pargo’s Hint About Suing Her Ex-Husband Jannero Pargo

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Basketball Wives aired another dramatic episode on VH1 on Monday, June 27, 2022. The program captured the women’s awkward moments as they struggled to straighten out their personal relationships and maintain their work-life balance. However, the sitcom managed to pack a lot of theatrics into an hour-long episode, making for some entertaining viewing experiences.

Malaysia said this week that it is considering taking ex-husband Jannero Pargo to court for his lack of commitment to their children and refusal to pay alimony. While looking for housing in the city, she discussed with her friend Lala the idea of ​​leaving the choice to God and see how it goes.

Fans react when Basketball Wives star Malaysia mentions that she has taken her ex-husband to court.

Malaysia has been outspoken in recent episodes of Basketball Wives about her ex-husband Jannero not paying alimony and not helping raise the kids. The couple has three children who have been in Malaysia for some time. They live in a small house in Los Angeles and the actor decided it was time for a bigger house.

Malaysia was joined by a friend, Lala, as he toured houses with a real estate agent. When the latter asked if Malaysia’s ex-husband helped with the property, Malaysia said no. She then admitted that she was considering taking him to court and solving the child support issue, but she would pray about it first and wait for God’s answer. Fans had their own thoughts on that, which they shared on social media.

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Basketball Wives Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of Basketball Wives aired on June 20, 2022 and caused major turmoil in the lives of the cast members as they interacted with their relationships, participated in various enjoyable activities, and had various conversations that offered insight into how they lived their lives. While some people rejoiced at the wonderful things in life, others faced problems caused by lack of communication and strained relationships.

According to the episode’s official synopsis:

“Duffey stresses her need for a profession, Angel prepares her kids for the baby to come, Jackie assembles the women on her podcast, and Brandi has a health crisis.”

Jackie Christie spoke to Nia Dorsey and Brandi Maxiell last week about taking all the girls to her show to talk about Life After Basketball. The Basketball Wives actress said she wants to discuss what her other cast members are going through as wives/partners/exes of prominent basketball stars. She said that despite their differences, they were still part of the “basketball family.”

malaysia pargo

Brandi became distraught when the presenter of The Jackie Christie Project indicated that Malaysia would be one of the guests because of what had happened between her and her ex-best friend. However, she said she had no ill will against Malaysia and that they had some great experiences.

British Williams confronted ex-Lorenzo with the fact that his current girlfriend shared photos of their daughter on social media. She made it very clear that she was not receptive to the concept of a stranger posting pictures of her child on the internet and set firm limits with him. She then admitted that whenever she considered reconciling, his actions would quickly remind her why she left the relationship in the first place.

Malaysia Pargo, meanwhile, told about her difficult relationship with ex-husband Jannero Pargo, who switched from player to coach. Although their relationship didn’t work out, the Basketball Wives star noted that they still had three children and many great memories. Angel Brinks’ son spoke of his mother’s lack of contact and expressed concern that she might become even more distant after the baby arrives. Before collapsing, the actress thought about how to raise her child without his father (ex-husband Bruce Sandlin). The mother-son relationship was restored when she promised to spend more time with him.

Since its debut on VH1 in 2010, the series has received a lot of attention and has remained one of the most popular reality shows on television. The Basketball Wives cast members have become household names in the reality TV arena, with new females appearing every season. Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Brandi Maxiell, DJ Duffey, Brooke Bailey, Jennifer Williams and Brittish Williams are among the cast members.


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