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Benefits of staying in a PG accommodation

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The hospitality industry is changing rapidly according to the latest trends. From dorms and hostels to luxury resorts, the industry knows how to meet different needs. The people associated with the hospitality industry have something to offer for people of every lifestyle and budget.

Bachelors and undergraduates have been known to stay in hostels and PG accommodations for centuries. In recent years, however, coliving has become one of the newest trends in the hospitality industry. Bengaluru is the center of the education and tech industry and thus attracts many young people who come to study or have just started their careers. Stay like a paying guest in Hebbal is very common. However, many people prefer the sense of community and human-human bond that is possible in coiving spaces. This popularity has paved the way for people to offer services at affordable prices. There are many PG accommodations available for women only, which are safe and convenient. Here are some key benefits of living in a PG accommodation.

  • Comfortable – Compared to rental apartments and flats, PGs are quite comfortable due to many factors. They are fully furnished and the room has all the necessary amenities you need. When you rent an apartment, you have to buy all the essential gadgets like TV, fridge, cooler, air conditioner and much more. However, a PG property has all this and maybe more. The rooms are furnished with the necessary furniture and are immediately ready for use upon arrival.
  • Affordable – Rents are usually exorbitantly high in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Students generally cannot afford high rents and feel more comfortable in shared accommodation. PGs are an affordable option for even students after including the cost of food and basic amenities.
  • Networking – Staying alone in a rented house can sometimes seem lonely. Shared housing such as in co-living spaces or PGs offers an opportunity to mingle with like-minded people and form networks that prove useful in the future. It has been observed that PGs are preferred by most people who have come to the city to look for a good job or who have just started working or go to university Connections between people are very important at this stage of life and shared accommodation is a great way to start.
  • Easy availability – PGs are available in every nook and corner of major cities. It follows the basic rule of supply and demand. As more and more people come to metro cities to look for a job or pursue higher education, people see a business opportunity and take advantage of the situation by renting an extra room to such people. Moreover, it is not so easy to find a good rental property in a good location that also fits within your budget. It can take months to find a rental property, but PGs are easily available everywhere.
  • Services – PGs provide all the world-class amenities needed to live a comfortable life. These include washing machines, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and most importantly wifi has become a necessity in today’s world. Everyone needs a strong WiFi connection to do their job. With more and more people working online, it goes without saying that normal working is not possible without a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • Safety and Security – This is the first and foremost priority of anyone looking for a place to stay. PG accommodations are usually very safe because the families already live there. In addition, the pitches have CCTVs installed throughout for added security. Security guards are present around the clock and ensure that no unwanted persons enter the property. PG for only girls housing is usually preferred by girls and working women. No one is allowed to enter the PG property without prior permission, which is good from a security point of view. There are other PGs that: unisex and take care of everyone food from working professionals – Food is the basic need for a person who stays away from the family. stay in a PG of food ensures that you get three meals a day without fail. It doesn’t matter if you have cash on hand or not, because the cost of the food is already included in the monthly rent. You know you would have a good meal before going to work and coming back after a long and tiring day. The food may not taste the same as your home, but it will satisfy your hunger. And who knows! It might taste even better. No hassle with daily shopping and cooking. Moreover, the clean-up that has to be done afterwards takes even more time and is better avoided.
  • Emergencies – Staying in a PG ensures that you have someone to take care of you in an emergency. You never know when you need help and the family you are staying with is right next to you in such situations. They can also help in case of a medical emergency. In addition, your family is also relaxed to know that there is someone they can contact if needed.
  • Repair and maintenance – Repair and maintenance are one of the biggest headaches if you are left alone. There can be any number of things that can go wrong, from electricity to plumbing and all. If you are staying in a PG accommodation, all you have to do is inform the person concerned and your problem will be solved in no time. However, if you’re staying in a rented apartment, you’ll need to find a plumber or electrician, and you’ll likely need to take time off work to fix the problem. The daily cleaning is also provided in a PG accommodation and you do not have to worry about that. Isn’t it great? You can focus on the most important work while the daily problems are solved automatically.

Conclusion –

As is clear, there are many advantages to living in a PG accommodation in Hebbal and other places. The benefits of a PG working people cannot be ignored.

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