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Best ESL Resources for Students

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More than 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide. Of that figure, only about 400 million people are native English speakers. Learning the English language benefits individuals in several ways, especially those who plan to migrate to English-speaking countries.

There is a wider range of resources for use by people who speak English as a second language. They make learning the language easier where students achieve their learning goals. These are the best ESL tools for students. has helped millions of students learn English. They have been helping students improve their spoken English for over fifteen years. The tool has a wide range of custom lessons created to help beginners and those who are advanced in learning the English language.

Students who speak English as a second language are often challenged when writing academic papers in English. Fortunately, writers at EssayWriteLab are native English speakers who help students write original papers in English.

The website has English lessons, video lessons, listening lessons and additional English lessons. They use the basic approach to language learning, namely speaking, listening and writing to enhance the learning experience. Students can download apps for use on Android or iPhone. They can also download an offline version of the lessons.

ESL video

ESL Video is a useful tool for students learning English as a second language. The site offers free video and audio lessons to students. The videos cover five teaching levels. They are at the beginner level designed for learners starting to learn the English language.

The lower grades are for students who have already learned the basics of English, but need to learn more. The intermediate is intended for students who have learned English, but want to improve their speaking skills. The high average is for those who have no problems speaking, but who want to improve their speaking and writing.

The advanced classes are excellent for college and university students. They learn the English language in detail such as speaking, writing, vocabulary and teaching. Students seeking help writing assignments in English can contact professional writers at BrillAssignment services.


EnglishTestStore provides students with hundreds of free English tests and exercises to help them improve their written and spoken English. They have practice tests for grammar, reading comprehension, listening quizzes and basic grammar.

Most of the tests have custom questions that are likely to be asked in the main English tests taken by students who want to migrate to another country. These are tests like TOEFL, GMAT, TOEIC, SAT, GRE.

The listening tests help students improve their listening skills so that they pass the symmetrical listening tests. speaking tests help with pronunciation skills while reading tests improve reading and vocabulary skills.

The offers distance learning English classes that are 100 percent tutored. Students have the option to enroll in live remote classes. They learn in interactive group lessons led by expert teachers. After registration, students can take a 7-day trial lesson for free, after which they pay a subscription.

Another option is the online self-study courses. In this category, students can access unlimited distance English lessons for just £5.99 per month. Students can also choose to learn under one-on-one tutoring, paying $1 per the first session.

Students who are not sure at what level to start learning can take a free online English test. Once they get the results, they will be given information about their current English level and the classes they should start with.

Common mistakes in English usage

Common Mistakes in English Usage is a website created and owned by Washington State University. It has alphabetically arranged words showing the mistakes students often make when spelling words in the English language.

Some of the words they’ve highlighted are advice/advise, afterword, aisle/island, assistant/assistant, and many more. The website contains thousands of words that students can click and learn their different meanings/uses.

American English Resources

American English Resources is an important resource for students learning English as a second language. It is an interactive learning resource where a teacher interacts with students through classroom activities, audio and videos. This is an excellent website for students who want to learn American traditions such as traditional songs, American nursery rhymes, and various complex words.

There are lessons created by the US federal government, uncategorized poems, and a myriad of publications. A student is free to choose any type of learning material that he/she likes to use in his/her learning process.

They can choose to learn using books, lesson plans, interactive videos, poems, stories, programs, and much more. The site has a collection of over 1000 resources that students can access at any time of the day or night. has thousands of learning resources for students at all levels. The website contains material that has been prepared by experienced teachers since the late 1990s. There are lessons for space exploration, randomly generated sentences, translations from videos to audio and much more.

Classes are accessible from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Students can listen to and repeat audio, watch videos, read texts or watch podcasts. They have quizzes, word games, slang words, sentence generators, etc.

English media lab

English Media Lab includes tailored lessons for students learning English as a second language† The website contains a wide variety of exercises, audios and videos. Classes start with simple English for beginners and progress to complex English for high school and university students.

Students learn pronunciation lessons, grammar exercises, math exercises for younger students, and intermediate and advanced English levels. They have a presence in key countries such as the US, UK, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya. The lesson improves writing, spoken English and communication skills.

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