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Best non coffee drinks at Starbucks

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Shreya Christina
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Starbucks is known for its infamous coffee and espresso drinks, but there’s certainly not enough love for the non-coffee drinks. Being a barista myself, I came to try all the following drinks. And let me tell you…they are amazing. So if you’re not a big fan of coffee or you’re just sick of the same old, same old, here are some new drinks to keep your inner white girl alive and thriving.

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1. Chai Tea Latte/Oprah Chai Latte

This drink is quite popular. It has a chai syrup (which has a bit of spice) with a splash of hot water and steamed milk. You can get it hot or ice cold, both are equally good in my opinion.

2. Caramel Apple Spice

This hot drink is my personal favorite. It tastes like childhood in a cup. It is made with cinnamon dolce syrup and steamed apple juice, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. It’s actually the best cup of apple cider you’ve ever had.

3. Zebra Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is also quite common to get, but this is a different version of the classic Starbucks hot chocolate. Not only mocha syrup is used, but also white mocha, hence the ‘zebra’ in the name.

4. Peppermint Hot Chocolate/Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

These two are a must try especially in the fall and winter seasons. They are pretty plain but not much thought of when it comes time to order. Try them… you won’t regret it.

5. Sick Tea

This drink is exactly what it says it is. Sick Teas are good for sore throats, congestion and coughing. It’s made with steamed lemonade poured over Teavana’s Mint Majesty tea, topped with a splash of apple juice.

6. Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

I’m currently drinking this if that’s something to say to you… it’s Passion tea and lemonade shaken together, and you can add classic sweetener if you like (it’s sweetened better). The color of these drinks is probably more beautiful than me.

7. Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

These are very chocolatey, yet amazing. No coffee, just mocha and chocolate chips. If you’re craving something milkshake-like, give this a try.

8. The Pink Drink

These are absolutely worth all the hype. It is a strawberry freshener with coconut milk instead of water. It turns out to be a baby pink color. La la la love this one.

9. Berry Sangria Herbal Tea

These fruity drinks are packed with flavour. They are quite similar to a real sangria, not only with the aroma, but also with the berries and oranges in the drink. They are well off.

10. Pumpkin Spice Cream Frappuccino

Perfect for when you want that fall aesthetic but it’s still 70 degrees outside. They are like the PSL, but with a cream base.


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