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Billions Season 6 Premiere Date Confirmed for January 2022

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Billions is a drama television series set in the United States. Condola Rashad (Smash), Paul Giamatti (Lodge 49), Maggie Siff (Mad Men), David Costabile (Little Birds), Paul Giamatti (Lodge 49), Paul Giamatti (Lodge 49), Paul Giamatti (Lodge 49), Paul Giamatti (Lodge 49), Paul Giamatti The core cast of the television series includes Kate Dillon (Orange Is the New Black), Jeffrey DeMunn (The Walking Dead), and Kelly AuCoin (The Americans). Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin conceived the television series.

Season 6 of Billions will broadcast on Showtime on January 23, 2022.

The plot of Billions season 6:

Because every character’s personal and professional lives were tense in Season 5, viewers can expect to see the nuances of their personal and professional lives addressed even more in Season 6. With the series focusing on the stock market, the writers may go into recent financial mistakes such as the Robinhood app fiasco. Also, given the new administration in the White House — and a president who has no personal stake in stock market fluctuations — the event could be a foreshadowing of the country’s political future.


The cat and mouse game between Chuck and Bobby is, of course, the heart of the series. In season 3, the two formed an alliance, but neither of them could let go of their egos, resulting in constant friction between them. Another alliance in season 6 is improbable since Chuck continues to sabotage Bobby’s objective of founding his own bank. Billions have never been short on drama, and the upcoming season should provide viewers with the fix they’ve been craving.

Season 6 Cast of Billions

Everything you need to know about the cast of “Billions Season 6” is right here.

  • Chuck Rhoades is played by Paul Giamatti.
    Paul Giamatti is an actor who has been in a number of films. In the TV series ‘Billions,’ he portrays Chuck Rhoades. L. Marvin Metz in ‘Lodge 49,’ Nilo in ‘Jungle Cruise (2021),’ and Dr. Sylvester in ‘A Mouthful of Air (2021)’ are among Paul Giamatti’s most well-known roles.
  • Wendy Rhoades is played by Maggie Siff.
    Maggie Siff is a professional actor. In the TV series ‘Billions,’ she portrays Wendy Rhoades. Maggie Siff is most recognized for her roles in ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ and ‘Life on Mars,’ where she played Rachel Menke, Dr. Tara Knowles, and Maria Belanger.
  • Mike Wagner, aka Wags, is played by David Costabile.
    David Costabile works as a performer. In the TV series ‘Billions,’ he plays Mike Wagner, also known as Wags. David Costabile is most known for his roles in ‘Little Birds,’ ‘Dig,’ and ‘Low Winter Sun,’ in which he played Grant Savage, Tad Billingham, and Simon Boyd, respectively.
  • Kate Sacker is played by Condola Rashad.
    Condola Rashad is a well-known actress in the United States. In the TV series ‘Billions,’ she portrays Kate Sacker. Condola Rashad is most recognized for her roles as Cynthia Moran in the film ‘Smash,’ Laura in the film ‘Good Posture (2019),’ and Gina Pearson in the film ‘Come Sunday’ (2018).’
  • Asia Taylor Mason is played by Kate Dillon.
    Asia Kate Dillon is a professional actor. In the TV series ‘Billions,’ she portrays Taylor Mason. Asia Kate Dillon is best recognized for her roles in ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Marcus Garland: A Necessary Option (2011),’ and ‘The Outside Story (2020).’
  • Chuck Rhoades, Sr. is played by Jeffrey DeMunn.
    Jeffrey DeMunn is a professional actor. In the TV series ‘Billions,’ he portrays Chuck Rhoades, Sr. Jeffrey DeMunn is most recognized for his roles in ‘Divorce,’ ‘Mob City,’ and ‘The Walking Dead,’ where he played Max Brodkin, Hal Morrison, and Dale Horvath.
  • Kelly AuCoin in the role of ‘Dollar’ Bill Stearn is a well-known sportscaster. Kelly AuCoin is a professional actor. In the TV series ‘Billions,’ he portrays ‘Dollar’ Bill Stearn. Kelly AuCoin is most known for his roles in ‘The Americans,’ ‘TURN: Washington’s Spies,’ and ‘House of Cards,’ where he played Pastor Tim, Hercules Mulligan, and Gary Stamper, respectively.

Billions Season 6 Official Trailer :

Fans won’t have to wait long for the return of Billions between seasons 5 and 6, and they won’t have to wait long for the first look at Billions season 6, as the trailer was published shortly after season 5 finale aired. While the adversaries may alter, Billions season 6 appears to be a tremendous battle for financial dominance. Check out the trailer after the jump. 

Where can I find Season 6 of Billions?

On streaming services and on-demand, the Season 6 opening episode is also available for free. From January 21 to April 20, the first episode of the new season will be available on,, and YouTube, as well as Showtime partner platforms like Amazon Prime Video.

How many episodes are there in Season 6 of Billions?

There are only 3 episodes.

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