Biography of Jennifer Pfautch – Who is Omari Hardwick’s wife?

Jennifer Pfautch became known for being the wife of Omari Hardwick, a popular American actor who has starred in TV series such as “Power”, and who has appeared in films such as “Kick-Ass” and “The A-Team”. Jennifer works as a producer and publicist.

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Early life and family

Jennifer “Jae” Pfautch was born on January 4, 1983 in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, so she is of American nationality and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She has several siblings, although she never mentioned their names. She once said that her father raised her in such a way that she became a worry child. She wrote on her Instagram account that he was “clever, skeptical and able to keep most things under control.”

It helped a lot because the family was well looked after, but these characteristics of her father made it difficult for Jennifer to deal with her own feelings and the relationships she had with other people: “I can’t remember a moment when my father was lighthearted. . I always wondered when the day would come when there was nothing that needed his care and attention.” However, Jennifer is now working on her fears and worries as she is aware of the reasons for these feelings, and things are going well.

Since her early years, Jennifer has enjoyed reading books, drawing and painting; she also loves swimming since she was five years old. Jennifer shared that her mother has always been very supportive; she even once agreed to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday on April 4 instead of January 4, because Jennifer complained that she couldn’t stand the cold and gloom of winter and wanted her birthday to be moved to spring. To her surprise, her mother agreed!

Educational background

Jennifer graduated from her local Saint Louis high school in 2001 and then enrolled at California Lutheran University, graduating in 2004 with a BA in Literature.


Jennifer started her career as an assistant to the producer, until she was promoted and became the producer herself. She started working at the Creative Artists Agency in 2004, a talent and sports agency based in Los Angeles. In those years, Jennifer was fortunate to start her career there as it was one of the most influential and dominant talent agencies in the US. The company had more than 1,800 employees and managed a large number of prestigious Hollywood clients. Jennifer worked there until 2005 and gained experience that helped her a lot in her further career.

At the end of 2005, Jennifer was hired by another respected company, the Paradigm Talent Agency, which had multiple offices in the US and many well-known actors, dancers, singers, etc. She still works there, as of 2020.

Writing and reflecting on her own life

As a publicist, Jennifer uses various platforms to develop her writing career and skills. She writes posts about parenting, life, relationships and family on her Instagram account and shares her views on various situations she faces in life. She also tries to analyze her current inner state, writes detailed accounts of her feelings and tries to discover their source, because she believes that one can only deal with his feelings if he really understands where they come from.

Hair Instagram account is followed by more than 110,000 people, who also share their life experiences with Jennifer in the comments.

Jennifer has a personal website, on which she not only shares her thoughts, but also the things that inspire her and make her days a little better. The site has four categories; one is “Food For Thought”, usually repeating the posts Jennifer shares on her Instagram account, gaining the wisdom to handle any situation. The second category is ‘Inspiration’ and Jennifer shares everything that inspires or motivates her, for example a book, a movie or a song. The site’s third category, “Eye Candy,” is there to share whatever makes Jennifer’s eyes happy, be it a nice lipstick, a nice mug of coffee, or a hotel she traveled to with her kids and husband.

Jennifer Pfautch

Last but not least, there’s the “Good Eats” category, where Jennifer shared the recipes that will keep you healthy, satisfied and that don’t take much time to cook.

Personal life, husband Omari Hardwick

Jennifer is married to popular American actor Omari Hardwick. They met in the early 2000s, but Omari was in a different relationship at the time. After that relationship ended, Omari and Jennifer started dating and eventually married on May 4, 2012. The couple have two children, daughter Nova and a younger son, Brave Hardwick. Jennifer once said that motherhood changed her a lot, even though she wasn’t ready for it at all.

However, she feels blessed to have a family with two children as she enjoys coping with parenting challenges: “There is no job I’ve had, no title I’ve had that pushed me to use like Motherhood <…> Motherhood drains you and fills you more fully than you ever knew was possible physically, emotionally or spiritually,” she said. writes on her social media account.

Unfortunately, Jennifer and Omari’s interracial marriage failed to keep some of Omari’s followers calm. He got more and more comments and posts on his social media profiles insulting his wife for marrying a white woman. The couple had to defend themselves, stating that their choice in life was none of their business but theirs.

Who is Omari Hardwick?

Born on January 9, 1974 in Savannah, Georgia, USA, Omari Latif Hardwick has been writing poetry daily since he learned to write. He continued his acting career, making his debut as Lameck in “Circles” in 2002. He later landed the roles of Byron in the comedy “Beauty Shop” (2005), Carl Billings in “The Guardian” (2006) and Sgt. Marcus Williams in “Kick Ass” (2010). He is also famous for his role of Chopshop Jay in “The A-Team” (2010). From 2009 to 2010, Omari was in the main cast of “Dark Blue”, in which he played Ty Curtis, for which he was nominated for the 2011 NAMIC Vision Award – Best Performance, Drama.

From 2013 to 2014, he played Andre Daniels in “Being Mary Jane”, nominated for multiple awards, including Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series in 2015.

As of 2020, he still plays the role of James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the series “Power”, in which he starred from 2014, for which Omari was nominated for a BET Award for Best Actor in 2017. Before Jennifer, Omari was in a relationship with a woman of German and Native American descent, who was rejected by her family for dating a man of a different race. In 2008, she gave birth to a stillborn son, a loss she and Omari grieved deeply. Jennifer helps Omari overcome this tragedy while still feeling the pain of the loss.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Jennifer’s favorite actor is Robert Downey, Jr., and her favorite actress is Emma Stone. She likes Italian and continental food. Her favorite travel destination is Paris. Her favorite color is red.

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Jennifer has long dark brown hair that she bleached blonde before. She has gray green eyes. Jennifer is 1.79m tall, weighs about 70kg and her vital stats are 35-28-36. Jennifer often goes to the gym or does exercises at home in the room that is full of sports equipment. She has several tattoos on her body.

Wealth and salary

As of 2020, Jennifer’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1.5 million† As for her husband, Omari Hardwick, his famous wealth is over $5 million


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