BJP, AAP spar over Kejriwal’s visit to Ghazipur landfill | Most important points:

BJP and AAP workers clashed in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh when Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal paid a visit on Thursday.

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New Delhi ,UPDATED: 27 Oct 2022 15:28 IST

garbage dump in ghazipur

The garbage dump in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh, where Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal visited on Thursday. (Photo by @ArvindKejriwal on Twitter)

By India Today Web Desk: Delhi Chief Minister and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal swung his ax at the BJP on Wednesday and slammed the party over its 15-year rule of the Delhi Municipal Corporation. Anticipating his visit to the Ghazipur landfill in Uttar Pradesh, he said all the BJP has achieved in those years is to build three garbage heaps and fill the national capital with rubbish.

Prior to his visit, BJP workers protested with black flags and raised slogans, while the AAP workers, who had gathered in droves, proclaimed slogans against the BJP.

Upon arriving at the dump, Kejriwal called himself a wizard and said, “I am a wizard, I know how to win hearts, I will work for the people and not stand alone like them with black flags.”

These are the main developments:

  • As the race for the upcoming Delhi Civil Body polls heats up, the AAP has turned it on the BJP for the mismanagement of Delhi’s three landfills.

    To raise awareness of the landfill problem, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal visited the Ghazipur landfill site in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. After arriving in Ghazipur, he appealed to BJP workers and said, “Think a bit. What has the BJP given to Delhi, except mountains of dirt and garbage? Forget your party for once and vote for the country.”

  • Kejriwal stressed that the BJP has achieved nothing during its 15-year rule at the MCD and pointed to the “mountains of garbage” as signs of the BJP’s failure. On Wednesday, Kejriwal said Delhi residents would reject the BJP in the upcoming MCD polls.

    After his visit to Ghazipur, Kejriwal appealed to the people of Delhi to “vote for cleanliness” and said: “Together we must make Delhi clean and beautiful.”

  • Even before Kejriwal arrived in Ghazipur, AAP and BJP workers took to the streets with slogans in hand. The BJP workers protested against the Delhi government while AAP workers uttered slogans against them.

  • The BJP workers were holding signs that read ‘Kejriwal sharam karo’, ‘Kejriwal, nautanki band karo’ and shouted ‘Haye Haye’ to the Delhi CM. AAP workers also started their protest against the BJP, chanting slogans. Police soon arrived on the scene and tried to calm the protesting workers.

  • Responding to Kejriwal’s criticisms, BJP MP Gautam Gambhir said: “Delhi CM should tell the people of Delhi how many times he has visited the garbage dump in Ghazipur in the past 7 years. I have visited the garbage dumps 8 times in the past 3 years Today, with the height of the landfill decreasing, you (Kejriwal) are going there to do politics ahead of the MCD polls.”

  • The clash over the overcrowded landfills comes in the run-up to the upcoming MCD elections. The election will be the first to be held after the demarcation of municipal divisions in Delhi.

    In 2017, the BJP won 181 seats out of 272 seats in the former municipal corporations in south, north and east Delhi. In the unified MCD, the number of seats is set at 250.


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