Blizzard is giving away freebies to ‘Overwatch 2’ players to apologize for the rocky launch

Blizzard previously admitted that Overwatch 2s launch, which was ruined by a lot of bugs, DDoS attacks and other problems, has not lived up to the company’s expectations. While the company has made a lot of progress in making the game playable – many players couldn’t even log in at first – the work is far from done. Now the developer is trying to make amends with fans by handing out freebies and hosting events. Several Double Match XP weekends will be held to give players the opportunity to accumulate points and level up. Blizzard will be announcing specific dates for the events shortly.

It will also give players who log in from October 25 through the end of Season One a Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary skin and a Health Pack Weapon Charm. Both items are automatically added to people’s collection when they log in within that time. In the announcement, Blizzard said it will roll out more stability updates, starting with a new patch scheduled for this week. It also said that it is closely monitoring the game for any issues and bugs that arise.

The developer holds a public list of known issues on its forum, but players find more that it has yet to acknowledge. Users are reporting issues with specific characters in the game, such as Mei, whose ice wall is behaving inconsistently, according to Kotaku. Blizzard even had to draw two heroes completely out of the game to deal with a few bugs in the skill kits.

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