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boyfriend shot to death by loved ones family, girlfriend called home at night, as soon as family found out something terrible happened; Woman says… – boyfriend shot dead by girlfriend family who came to visit her home in uttar pradesh news cafe madrid

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boyfriend shot dead by loved ones family, girlfriend called home at night, as soon as family found out, something terrible happened; Woman Says… – friend shot dead by friend family who came to meet her at home in Uttar Pradesh news

Lucknow: Going to her house to meet her lover is a lover’s life. A shocking murder incident has taken place in Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh. Here the lover’s brother and father shot the lover. Then they threw that lover’s body in the middle of the road.

When the police got information about this case, they immediately arrived at the scene and took the body into custody and sent it to the hospital for post-mortem. The police have reported the murder of the girlfriend’s relatives.

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He went to meet his girlfriend at night, the family got to know and everything was over

Tausif, a 28-year-old boy, had an affair with a girl from his own village. Tausif had gone to his girlfriend’s house around 11 p.m. on Tuesday evening. When her family heard about this, they were furious. They shot Tausif directly without thinking. In this he died. His body was then thrown into the middle of the road 100 yards away from the house.

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Tausif was married. He also had two children. After his murder, his wife filed a report at the police station. His wife Tarannum told police the girl was called around 11 p.m. So Tausif went to her house. Then, around midnight, the girl received another call from Tausif’s cousin. She inquired about Tausif’s murder and said the body was dumped 100 meters away from the house.

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An official report has been drawn up against the family of the girlfriend, four have been arrested

After that, Tarannum filed a complaint with the police against the girl’s father, 3 brothers and one other in this case. Police have said the murder was the result of a love affair and four people have been arrested and are being investigated.


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