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cafemadrid’ Future Perfect thinks ahead about how to make the world pandemic

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Shreya Christina
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As we enter the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear that the world, and in particular the US, was far from prepared for a global health crisis. Even as we continue to navigate the current pandemic, the challenges we have faced make it abundantly clear that we need to look ahead. More than any other single existential threatWhether natural or anthropogenic, a contagious and deadly infectious disease pandemic has the potential to truly derail humanity’s present – ​​and its future. Over the next week, cafemadrid’s Future perfect will publish a series of stories explaining how we can strengthen our pandemic defenses to face the next crisis quickly and resiliently. cafemadrid’ Future Perfect covers the ideas and research that can make the future a better, more perfect place for everyone around the world.

Contributions to the package include: Dylan Matthew, about developing vaccines now for the next pandemic, and about testing and tracing a virus that we have not yet discovered; Kelsey Piperabout why experts fear a manufactured pandemic and how we can stop it; sigal samuelon how to future-proof your life against pandemics and other threats; Dylan Scotton America’s need for more doctors and nurses to survive the next pandemic; Umair Irfanon how to find the next pandemic virus; Muizz Akhtar about how the sewer system can be an important line of defense; and Miranda Dixon-Luinenburgon how 3D printing can help fight the next pandemic.

Many of the solutions presented will take years to implement, and the purpose of the pack is to help readers understand what we can do now to make them come true.

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