Call of Duty Next event to showcase Warzone 2.0 and the new Modern Warfare

Activision announced a showcase showcasing the future of the Duty franchisee. dubbed Duty Then the showcase will take place on September 15 at 1 p.m. ET, broadcast on twitch, YouTube, Twitterand Facebook.

According to the press release, the showcase will focus on the upcoming 2019 sequel Modern Warfare like what it’s called War Zone 2.0 and the new one war zone mobile experience.

Although it is the most important jewel in Activision’s crown, Duty has been underperforming lately. Activision Blizzard’s Proposal for a $68.7 Billion Acquisition by Microsoft Unveiled Call of Duty: Vanguard underperformed and fell short of expectations for the fourth quarter. As a result, according to a report by Bloombergnext year’s game has been postponed, disruptive Duty‘s annual release schedule for the first time since 2005.

Duty is also at the heart of a public feud between Xbox and PlayStation. As Microsoft is in the process of buying Activision Blizzard King, Sony is concerned that Duty, a hitherto multiplatform game, could become an Xbox exclusive once the deal goes through. In a statement to The edgeMicrosoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said Microsoft wants to keep Duty on the PlayStation for “a few more years” outside the existing contract. In an interview with Game Industry.bizSony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan revealed that “multiple” really meant “three,” also calling the deal “inadequate on every level.”

While mom and dad argue over custody, it’s unclear if Dutythe existence of a multiplatform game is discussed at: Duty Next one. Tune in September 15 to find out.

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