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CD Projekt Red Is Working On A Sequel To ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ And Several New Witcher Games

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CD Projekt Red can be a lot busier than you expect. The developer has a long lasting road map who elaborates and expands his plans. For starters, a project codenamed “Orion” is basically a sequel to: Cyberpunk 2077 that “the potential” of the sci-fi franchise will develop further. It is being developed by CDPR’s teams in Boston and Vancouver.

And while it’s no secret that a new Unreal Engine 5 based The Witcher game is in the works (it’s imported pre-production this spring), it’s really just the beginning of a new trilogy. You may also not have to wait long to see the story come to an end. CDPR hopes to release all three games within six years, with the first (codenamed “Polaris”) serving as the technology foundation for the remaining two.

Other titles include “Sirius,” a spin-off of The Witcher with solo and multiplayer elements aimed at a “wider audience.” It was developed by The Flame and the Flood studio De Molasse Flood. Another project, “Canis Majoris”, is a “full-fledged” Witcher universe game built by a third-party developer using UE5. And no, CDPR won’t be stuck making Cyberpunk and Witcher games forever. “Hadar” becomes a new universe from the beginning. It’s still in its extremely early stages of development (conceptual work didn’t start until 2021), so it’s likely to be years away.

Regardless of what you play, you can expect online gameplay to become a main feature. In his step-by-step plan presentationCDPR said “most” of its new games will have a multiplayer component. The company was shy about what this will entail.

CDPR is not shy about the reasons for the expansion. Its broader catalog and partnership with third-party developers will help it “reach new consumers” while maintaining three enduring franchises. If all goes well, a producer best known for rare, single-player releases will offer a steady stream of games that help it become more of a household name akin to Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft — in size, if hopefully not in size. quality.

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