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Chase Landry: everything you need to know about Troy Landry’s youngest son

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Pursue Landry is a TV personality best known as the star cast of the History Channel series Swamp people, which follows the daily life of alligator hunters. Further, he is equally recognized as the son of the King of Swamp People Troy Landry.

In addition to his profession, Chase has been the talk of the town as much because of his personal life. Lately, the rumor about him dating a Swamp people cast member Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat popped up in the media. He is also rumored to have left his wife during his relationship with Wheat. So, did Chase Landry really leave his wife? What about his relationship rumor with Cheyenne?

Here we’ve found the answers to every question about Chase Landry’s personal and professional life. Read the piece of text below till the end to know it in detail.

Chase Landry Bio: His Age, Parents and Early Life

Chase Landry was born his father’s youngest Troy Landry and his mother Bernita Landry On April 25, 1989, in Pierre Part, LA. As of 2023, he is 33 years old. His father Troy is a well-known crocodile hunter, while his mother Bernita is a publicist by profession.

Chase Landry is currently in his early thirties
Young pursuit Landry.

Likewise, Landry grew up in his hometown along with his two older brothers. The youngest Swamp guy of the family has a birth sign of Taurus.

Talking about his nationality, he is an American citizen and comes from French Canadian descent.

Chase’s siblings

As mentioned earlier, Chase is the youngest child of his parents. He has an older brother named Brandon ‘Landry’ Hotard, reportedly a son of his mother from her previous partner who is in her early 40s in 2023.

Once, in 2012/13, he also appeared in the History Channel reality series, Swamp people. But later he left the reality show and joined Conyard Shipyard as a valuation manager.

Chase Landry has two siblings
Pursue Landry with his parents and brothers

He also has an older brother Jacob Landry, 39 is a reality TV star. Like Chase, Jacob is also a star cast of the series Swamp people who captained his father Troy’s second boat on the show and is considered an alligator boat veteran.

Career: Chase Landry is an Allegator Hunter and reality TV star

Troy Landry’s son Chase is the active cast of the reality TV series, Swamp people which documents the daily life of alligator hunters. He does the same job, chasing business in real and reel, he gains fame in the media world and also earns enough money for a living.

Chase Landry is a hunter
Pursue Landry after chasing alligators.

We continue with his participation in the Swamp people, he has been a cast member since 2012. From then till now, he has played a total of 70 episodes according to IMDb. Two years ago in 2020, Landry appeared in four episodes of Swamp People: Serpent Invasion.

Currently, Chase is also cast for Season 14 of the series which he has informed his audience through his Facebook page, Da Landry Life. On January 5, 2023, he shared a post with the caption:

Season 14 tonight!! Make sure you’re there tonight!!! It’s going to be an exciting season!

No doubt Chase Landry, like his father Troy Landry, is a ferocious crocodile hunter.

Is Chase Landry also a musician?

Not much information is available in the media about his connection with music. However, he was once caught playing solo guitar on stage with Steel Bill. The video of him as a guitarist has been uploaded YouTube in around 2015. Many viewers found his musical ability to be impressive and the commentary section was like,

I didn’t know he played guitar sooo well, I just thought he chased alligators for a living. Lol, well done my man!

Wow, impressive. This guy hunts gators, plays guitar, and eats pickles. What a life

While the reality TV star doesn’t show much of his talent in music, it is certainly agreed that he is an excellent guitar player when watching the video.

Chase is also in the food industry; Does he have a restaurant?

Aside from being a hunter, Chase is also in the food industry. He owns a seafood restaurant called Chasin’ Tail Seafood. He informed his audience through his Twitter account in January 2016. Landry tweeted,

Chasin’ Tails Seafood is back in business baby! The finest crawfish from Gulf Shores, AL to East Point, FL!

Since he is a restaurant owner, there is no update in the online portal, but it is known that his father Troy owns a company called Crawfish Company.

Is Chase Landry Married? If so, who is his wife?

The Swamp People star, Chase is a married man. He is married to his wife Chelsea Kinsey. Since Chase, unlike his other siblings, prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, no other details about his marriage are available in the media.

Lately, there are many rumors about his divorce from his wife in the online portal. Since both the husband and wife have not addressed the gossip about their relationship, nothing can be said for sure about the news of their divorce. In addition, Chase is said to be in a relationship with Cheyenne “pickle” Wheat. Well, what’s the truth?

Does Chase Landry have a relationship with Cheyenne “pickle” wheat?

According to our research, Chase and Wheat aren’t dating, they’re just good friends. In fact, as a member of Swamp peopleshe managed to build a good relationship with Landry’s family.

At this point, Cheyenne is actually dating a man whose name is no longer in media access. But that man is definitely not Chase.

Chase Landry is rumored to be dating Cheyenne Wheat
Pursue Landry’s rumored girlfriend Wheat with her husband. Source: Wheat’s Instagram

She even shared some of his pictures with her on her social media handles. On January 8, 2023, she wrote in a beautiful post with her partner on her Instagram:

My husband’s first pig! 🥒🌾
#cheyenne“pickle” wheat

Seeing this, we can definitely say that Chase and Pickle are not in a relationship.

Chase Landry is a father

A 33-year-old celebrity is the father of a daughter named Riley Blake Landry.

Chase Landry is a father
Pursue Landry with his newborn baby. Source: His father’s Facebook

After her birth, Chase’s father Troy shared the good news on his Facebook account, writing:

I am so proud !!!! We have a beautiful new girl in the Landry family. Chase’s first baby. We extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Riley Blake Landry.

Riley was born in March 2017 making it 5 years old as of 2023.

Chase Landry was arrested in 2016; What happened?

In September 2016, the TV star was arrested on charges of shooting down a shrimp boat in Bayou Chene while hunting and also firing illegal weapons. After being stopped by the police, he stated that the other boat was heading straight for his boat at high speed. So to keep his boat from sinking, he fired.

But the victims made a very different statement. The victim told,

they were traveling by boat in Bayou Chene when they passed some guys in a boat hunting alligators. One of the guys from that boat fired a gun at them and continued toward St. Mary Parish and the suspect’s boat contained several gators. There was a plastic jerry can on top the cabin of the commercial break shrimp boat leaking gas from what looked like a gunshot.

Whatever the situation, Chase was later released and his case was kept under wraps.

Landry’s social media handles

The Louisiana resident has an account on Twitter with 46.6K followers. He was last active on Twitter in 2017.

He also appeared several times on his father’s Facebook.

Haunt Landry’s net worth

Chase Landry has an estimated net worth of $200,000 as of 2023. His main source of income is his career as an gator hunter and reality TV star. Meanwhile, his famous father Troy Landry has a fortune of $2 million.


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