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Child of Kamiari Month Is About To Release: Here Is All Details You Should Know About Plot And Cast!

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Child of Kamiari Month Updates: Animated series as an entertainment medium has always proven itself as one of the most viewed or loved categories. We have seen many animated movies or series and if we recall any best of them then we know that majority is going in favor of those series that have their origin in Japan.

Japan is the hub of animated series or even films. They release many such movies every year and people do love it. Among them is Child of Kamiari Month.

Child of Kamiari Month is one of the topmost loved animated films in Japan. It has its origin in Japan but now we will be seeing it in the whole world very soon. The amount of love that this film has got was tremendous and that is the reason why it is now released once again in a different language.

From the Japanese to English version, Netflix is releasing it. They have got all the streaming rights of the movie to be released in February.

Child of Kamiari Month Release Date And Details

If we look up at the details of the Japanese version then it was produced by Takana Shirai. Takana Shirai is also the one who has directed it too. When it comes to the chair of writing then we have many names. They are Tetsuro Takita, Ryuta Miyake, and also Toshinari Shinoe. In terms of its cinematography thing then it was Junpeo who has done it. The production was done by the label called Liden Film.

With a running time of almost 100 minutes, the film Child of Kamiari was released in Japan on 8 October 2021 in many theatres. If we talk of its English or International version then it is not going to release in theatres but on Netflix. Netflix is going to release it on 8 February 2022.

We don’t have any particular information related to the casting or we can say the dubbing artist of voice in English. There is very little information about it. But as for the Japanese one then we do have some of the Japanese artist’s names here.

The characters will be the same in English as well as the Japanese version. So the characters of English or Japanese version are here listed with their Japanese dubbing artists:

We beard the character Aju Makita in the voice of Kanna, we also have heard Maaya Sakamoto in the voice of Shiro, Miyu Irino in the voice of Yato, Riko Nagase in the voice of Miki, Chafurin in the voice of Kotoshironushi. We have also characters like Wataru Takagi in the voice of Ryujin, Ko Shibasaki in the voice of Ya Yoi Hayama, and then Arata Iura in the voice of Morimasa Hayama.

As for the plot we need to tell you that it will be the same as the Japanese one. Since it is the version of a Japanese film. So with no difference in storyline and plot, we will be getting it on 8 February 2022. International fans are really happy and satisfied with it.

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