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Christopher Mitchum’s net worth, education. Dead or still alive?

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Christopher Mitchum is an American actor, writer and politician, born on October 16, 1943 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is probably best known for his roles in such films as “Chisum”, “Big Jake” and “Rio Lobo”.

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early life

Christopher Mitchum is the second son of Dorothy and iconic actor Robert Mitchum. He graduated from Webb School in California, then began studying at the University of Pennsylvania, transferred to Trinity College, Dublin for his sophomore year abroad, then graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Literature in 1966. Then asked about his childhood, he said it was his father who disciplined him: ‘My father was the one who took care of that. With mom it was: ‘Just wait until your father comes home’.’

During his teens, Mitchum’s family moved from California to Maryland, where his parents gave him a horse named Cap Gun. He began competing in the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and won several championships. Christopher has two siblings: his older brother is actor James “Jim” Mitchum and his younger sister is writer Trina Mitchum.


First jobs

By the end of his studies at the University of Arizona, Christopher was already married and had two children. Looking for ways to support his family, he started working as an extra in films and television and found his first job at the “Old Tucson” film studio, for which he was paid about $13.80 daily.

On the set, he met “Dundee and the Culhane” director Sam Maners, who offered him a part in the series if Mitchum moved to Los Angeles.

So Mitchum moved with his family to California and contacted Maners again: “I was hired for a part on the show, a day’s work, $150. I was very excited until I read the script. I died before the opening credits, off screen! I played a dead man. Well, it turned into two days of work. $300 was a lot of money in 1967.”

Mitchum then worked in “Danny Thomas Hour”, in a minor role with Bo Hopkins. He then found other jobs in Hollywood as an errand boy and then a production assistant, where he worked his way up to become an Associate Producer.

He had no other acting job for two years, until he was offered an unaccredited role in “Young Billy Young.”

Mitchum’s motivation to become an actor was: for economic reasons: ‘Acting paid more’. (…) ‘It was not my choice (to become an actor), at least not in the beginning. I was never encouraged. It wasn’t until 1973 that my father even acknowledged that I was an actor.’

Debut as an actor and foreign films

In 1970, Mitchum was offered the role of Tom O’Folliard in “Chisum” starring iconic actors John Wayne and Forrest Tucker. While working with “The Duke”, Mitchum was introduced to director Howard Hawks, who gave him the role of Rick in the movie “Bigfoot”.

Christopher recalled the influence Hawks had on him in an interview: “I will say that it wasn’t until I worked with Hawks that I started to appreciate the profession and love my job.” Also in 1970, Mitchum appeared as Alturi in “Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came,” before landing a starring role in another Hawk film in 1971, “Rio Lobo,” the director’s last film and Mitchum’s second time. worked with John Wayne. In the same year, he appeared in The Duke’s movie “Big Jake”. As part of the film’s promotional tour, Mitchum appeared on Johnny Carson’s show and was interviewed by several famous magazines.

In 1972, he was offered a role in the Spanish film “Summertime Killer”, which became popular both in several European countries and in Asia.

However, after Mitchum’s return to his homeland, he realized his career was taking an abrupt turn: ‘suddenly I couldn’t get a job in Hollywood and even my agent didn’t know why’.

He hadn’t been interviewed for movies for almost a year, and finally discovered the reason for the drought in his career when he tried to audition for “Steelyard Blues”: ‘The casting director glanced at me and said, “Oh, you’re THAT Chris Mitchum, I can’t hire you.”

The reason Mitchum was blacklisted in Hollywood was his involvement with John Wayne. At the time, Wayne was considered a supporter of the Vietnam War, and he, along with people who worked with him, was the subject of backlash from various parts of Hollywood and anti-war groups.

After this rejection, Mitchum went back to work in Europe and Asia, where he found many job openings, but in B-grade films, including “Master Samurai” in Hong Kong, “Ricco” in Italy and “Faceless” in Spain. He played or had major roles in most of the foreign films he worked in.

Return to America

Despite his fame in foreign film markets, Mitchum returned to America years later to appear in several films such as 1978’s “Stingray”, “The One Man Jury” and “The Day Time Ended”. He also appeared in the critically acclaimed 1993 film “Tombstone”, starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. Mitchum spent the rest of his career filming in the US, Europe and Asia.

I’m in DC for some meetings. Had a chance to speak in the Senate building. WONDERFUL weather here!

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Career as a writer

Although Mitchum’s main career has been as an actor, writing is his greatest passion. In 1992, he was credited as screenwriter for the movie “Angel of Fury”, and is the author of the book “Victoria Falls”.


Christopher belongs to the Republican Party and made his first candidacy for the California State Assembly in 1998, losing to Democrat opponent Hannah-Beth Jackson. In 2012, he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives, but was placed third in the election. Two years later, in 2014, he ran for the same seat in Congress again, finishing second to Lois Capps.

Romantic Relationships


On September 18, 1964, Christopher married his longtime girlfriend Cynthia Davis, who is also an actress and appeared in the 1969 film “Changes”. The couple’s marriage, which ended in 1996, resulted in four children: Caroline “Carrie”, Christopher Robert “Bentley”, Jennifer “Jenny” and Kian.

New relationship

In 2000, Christopher met Doreen Corkin in Santa Barbara County through a mutual friend. The two began dating and spent their time between Massachusetts and California. In 2019 Mitchum explained that the two were engaged, although the wedding date had not yet been determined at the time.


Christopher’s children – except for Jenny – became actors. His grandchildren – Cappy and Grace Van Dien – have also made a name for themselves in Hollywood.

Christopher Mitchum

Christopher’s uncle John Mitchum was also an actor who appeared in films such as “Dirty Harry” and “The Enforcer”. However, Christopher’s most famous relative was his father Robert Mitchum.

famous father

Born on August 6, 1917 in Connecticut, Robert Mitchum was the first of three sons to Ann Harriet and James Thomas Mitchum. He had some difficulties growing up as his father died when he was two years old in a work related accident. He moved to New York with his family at a young age, was undisciplined and used to going on adventures alone, which led to him being charged with vagrancy at age 14. Robert started working on films in 1943, when he appeared briefly in “The Human Comedy”. He continued to land several small roles in films, until he was cast in “When Strangers Marry”, his first starring role.

Robert Mitchum

However, Robert rose to fame when he acted as Lt. Walker in “The Story of GI Joe,” which earned him a nomination for The Academy Awards. He continued to appear in dozens of films such as “Out of the Past”, “The Night of the Hunter” and “Cape Fear”. Not only was he famous for his acting skills and abilities, his “bad boy” demeanor was also one of his attractive traits. His career as an actor is often considered undervalued, as despite his legendary stardom in Hollywood, he never won an Oscar.

Robert’s astronomical fame didn’t make it easy for Christopher: “Growing up as ‘Robert Mitchum’s son’ was hell. In elementary school, older kids beat me up. As a young man I never knew if anyone liked me just because I was my father’s son.’

Robert Mitchum

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In addition to Christopher’s personal problems because he was the son of a Hollywood star, he also faced some challenges in his career: “I had to be ten times better than anyone else being tested so that if the movie bombed, the one who cast me couldn’t be accused of putting me in because they knew my father.’ (…) “But despite my own career spanning over 30 years and my father being dead for over ten years, I’m still called ‘Robert Mitchum’s son’. I’ve always been treated like my own person on set.’

Net value

Christopher Mitchum has an estimated net worth of $10 million, the result of his long career as an actor and writer.


Christopher Mitchum is a man of white ethnicity, often regarded as his father’s “look-alike”, with a clearly defined jawline, blue eyes and a handsome countenance. During his childhood, he had blond hair, which he styled half-length.

Today, he has a mature appearance, characterized by his white hair. He is 1.85 m tall, although his weight is unknown.

Interesting facts

Christopher remembers the only career advice his father gave him: “Never get caught acting.” In other words, don’t play the part, be the character.’ Robert Mitchum reportedly had many extramarital affairs during his marriage to Christopher’s mother, Dorothy. However, the marriage lasted nearly 60 years until 1997, when Robert died of cancer.

Christopher’s immense fame in Asia caused one of his father’s favorite experiences, which took place in Japan after the filming of the movie “The Yakuza” in 1974: “During that trip a girl came up to him and asked, “Are you the father of Chris Mitchum? Can you get me his autograph?” He liked to tell that story’.


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