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Cleaning End of Rental Contract in London: A Complete Guide

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End of Rent Clearance London is a major reason why tenants are having issues with security deposit deductions with their landlords. It can be avoided if a good end-of-rental cleaning is done in London before moving† This guide discusses everything you need to know about end-of-rental clearance in London, so you can easily claim your deposit deduction without any problems with your landlord.

When you moved into your current apartment, it was very clean on your first visit, wasn’t it? This is because the previous tenant cleaned the apartment well before leaving. Tenants are entitled to a Neat and clean apartment, but they must also make an effort to maintain this standard of hygiene during their stay.

However, most tenants do not clean regularly the property as it should be until they want to move. Since you have received the property in a very hygienic condition, it is only appropriate that you clean it thoroughly so that the next tenant can enjoy a neat and clean home as you did.

This is where the end of rent cleaning London comes into play. As moving is stressful in itself, most renters rely on the services of a moving company for a deep clean at the end of their tenancy in London.

5 quick facts you need to know about the end of rental cleaning London

  1. End of rent clearance London is needed to come back full deposit from your landlord More than half of deposit disputes between landlords and tenants are the result of poor end-of-stay cleaning in London.
  2. A landlord can same standard of hygiene as documented in the inventor however, it is up to the lessee to use any means he deems appropriate to arrive at such a standard.
  1. If you decide to do end-of-rental cleaning in London on your own, don’t forget to use a check-in inventory as a guideline. Also don’t forget to get a checklist to schedule your cleaning so you don’t forget any part of the property.
  2. Make sure you allow plenty of time to clean if you plan on doing the London end-of-stay cleaning on your own. Thorough cleaning takes time† What is worth doing is worth doing well.
  3. If you want hire a professional maid service for your end of stay cleaning in London, make sure you ask around and do good research so you hire the best one as your deposit will depend on it.

Can your landlord force you to hire a professional cleaning company?

The short answer is NO End of rent cleaning London is done to keep the property in a very clean condition so that the next tenant can enjoy a neat and clean property as you did.

If you want your apartment on a daily or weekly basis before the move date, the apartment must be in near clean condition and you may not have touch of a professional cleaning company

Since the purpose of cleaning up the lease in London is to leave the property in the same tidy condition as you found it, hiring a cleaning company should only be an option if you don’t think you can handle the job. If, after cleaning the premises, you comply with all hygiene standards stated in the inventory agreementthen it is unfair if your landlord forces you to use a professional cleaning company.

Your landlord can only request that you meet the hygiene standards laid down in the inventory agreement. It has nothing to do with how you clean, as long as… you have met the hygiene standard

Your landlord can’t force you to hire a professional cleaning company if you’ve thoroughly cleaned the home before you leave.

However, if you do not clean the property properly or do not meet the hygiene standards laid down in the inventory agreement, your landlord has the right to hire a professional cleaning service and charge you for it Usually this debit is charged to your deposit deduction You should try to avoid this kind of situation as many landlords will hire expensive cleaning services which will be to your detriment.

Your landlord can only force you to hire a professional cleaning service if there was a “professional cleaning” clause in the lease and you signed it before moving in. read thoroughly by a drafted agreement and also have it executed by your lawyer before you sign it.

Who needs to clean what?

The big question is who should clean what? Usually arises from new tenants of a property. As a tenant you are responsible for the daily cleaning on site You must maintain the property and ensure that you return it in the same condition that you met it.

You may be held liable if your negligent attitude to cleaning the property leads to pests or the spread of other health related diseases

Getting Rid of Pests Pests on a property can be expensive and time consuming. You should try to clean the property regularly to avoid causing a nuisance to other residentsyou are responsible for cleaning all areas in the property such as the chimney, oven and any other room.

Some external areas of the property can also be assigned to you for regular cleaning. Places like the garden, driveway and terraceCommon areas on the property are reserved for the landlord to take care of. Areas such as the gutter are the responsibility of the landlord.

Bee know that moving can be very stressful, especially if this is your first time. Are you moving soon and need a professional company to help you with your end of rent cleaning London† We’re here to help make sure you have a seamless move. Contact us today at We are happy to help you with your final cleaning.

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