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Cop Craft Season 2 Release Date, Renewed or Canceled?

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Cop Craft is an action anime series that first aired in the summer of 2019. Based on Shoji Gatoh’s light novel series, which has been airing since 2009, the anime is licensed by Funimation† In this way, viewers are investigating not only in Japan, but also around the world for a second season. The anime is animated by Millepensee and directed by Shin Itagaki. We also know the studio with ‘So I’m a spider, so what?‘ series, one of the popular anime of 2021. The first season of Cop Craft aired from July 8, 2019 to September 30, 2019, in 12 episodes. In the meantime, a second season did not come to the screens, but is it possible in the coming period?

What was the storyline of the anime?

An unknown passage that appeared over the Pacific Ocean 15 years ago allowed several creatures to enter our world. Behind this gate is the city of Reto Semaani. Here fairies and demons live together. San Teresa on Carina Island is now the gateway to the world and the city is home to millions of ‘foreigners’ from Rhaeto Semaani. Diplomatic ties have also been established with this country. It has become a metropolis where rich and poor live together. Of course, several problems came with these developments. There are many crimes and criminals in this city which is in the midst of chaos. Drug swamp, sex work and gun smuggling are integrated in the city where bad people are everywhere. Due to the increase in crime rates, a special police unit was established to ensure security between the human and foreign populations of the city: the San Teresa City Police Department. They vowed to fight these crimes.

At this point in the story, two characters unite for one goal: Matoba Kei and Tirina Exedirika. One day, after a drug operation was unsuccessful, Sergeant Matoba Kei got an otherworldly partner. The only thing they have in common with his new partner is the fairy, who must be captured. When the sergeant finds the suspects, he will capture his partner’s killer, and his new partner, Tilarna Exedilica, will capture the fairy to take him back. The detectives of these two different worlds have two different personalities. But their sole purpose is to catch criminals, clear the city of crime, ensure justice and bring peace. The story is shaped by the struggle and friendship of these two police officers.

© Funimation

Will Cop Craft have a second season?

The studio of the anime, Millepensee, the publisher of light novels Shogakukan, or any other anime-related company has not yet renewed the Cop Craft for a second season† We also followed the news on the official Twitter account of the series, but as of October 2021 there is no promising news for a new season. The decisions about the second season of the anime depend on a number of important factors. While there’s no official news yet, we’ve been looking at the availability, popularity, and financials of light romance material to speculate for a second season. Let’s watch together.

Light Novel status in terms of a second season

The light novel, the original of the series, was written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Range Murata, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article. The series has no English publisher yet, but the Japanese original has been out since 2009. Although it doesn’t have a finale yet, the last installment of the series was released in 2016 and contains a total of six parts.

While the series was adapted into anime, many chapters in the light novel were skipped. Although it was adapted from the anime until the 6th part, the stories in the first three parts were not included. The three skipped parts could be enough source material for a second season. However, this is up to the makers.

Popularity and the other factors to see a second season

Looking at Cop Craft’s ratings, we see that it has a not-so-great rating of 6.72 in MA. But more importantly and influencing the decisions of the second season is the popularity. However, we do not see any promising results in terms of popularity. The anime ranks 1603 in the MA popularity rankings and does not currently have a strong Google search popularity.

sk8 the infinite season 2

Looking at the disc sales, we see that the anime only sold 289 discs, which is a sales figure that falls short of its financial targets. The lack of a distributor from which it will generate a high income and the fact that they have not published a game are also factors that reduce the chances of the second season. Frankly, we are not expecting a second season of the anime. Still, the anime world is full of surprises and maybe we’ll see a new season nearby 2023-2024 because sufficient source material is available. However, this probability is quite low and is nothing more than speculation.

cop craft season 2

2nd season chance at Cop Craft

Popularity on Mynanimelist


Popularity on social media


Popularity on Google searches



Enough LN source material


Low popularity

Average ratings (6.72 on MA, 6.8 on IMDb)

No big distributor and income

Not a bestseller LN series

No success in disc sales

Only one season


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