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Custom Fantasy Football app development like ESPN, MPL, NFL (cost, features)

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Football fever has reached new heights. For most people it is no longer a game, but a mood. Football can be played on the ground, in online games, on phones, and in a variety of other ways. Fantasy Football is the most recent addition to the football games. It is a game that takes into account people’s enthusiasm for the game.

Fantasy sports software developers popular for a while. Sports fans love the concept of fantasy sports app because of the excitement and entertainment it provides and the additional benefits it provides such as prize money, sign up benefits and so on. According to the latest industry figures, fantasy sports app development in the Indian market is set to grow by 13.24 percent, reaching a global market size of $33 billion in 2025, up from $14 billion in 2019. In the 2020-season season. 21 will UEFA, the European football association, raised a total of about 3.86 billion euros from clubs such as the Champions League.

Fantasy sports software developersIt has served as a venue for fans to showcase their theoretical knowledge. This platform appeals to fans as it allows them to bet based on their expertise which is quite challenging. Although, in every area of ​​every sport, the fantasy sports app business is Rs. 3000 crores through individuals, organizations, sponsor teams and broadcasting rights. Are you considering getting a fantasy football app development but not sure if this is the best choice? So we are here to help you in any way we can.

What is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is a game in which players create a fictional squad of real football players and score points depending on their statistical success or perceived influence on the virtual playing field. Here you play as the manager of the world’s best players as they compete in an online fantasy football league. Fans can create private clubs with their friends, participate in open competitions, view the latest results, statistics and analysis, and adjust rules, teams and transactions through this site. Every year, millions of people participate in a fantasy football league, a popular internet sport.

How does a Fantasy Football app like ESPN, MPL, NFL Fantasy work?

By choosing an upcoming football game, you can play Fantasy Football. After you choose a game, you have to pay a nominal entry fee. You have to choose players for your squad when you pay the fee. All players have their most recent stats, which you can use to refine your choices. However, remember that any athlete may be doing much better than their stats, so don’t rely on them and rely on your daily observations instead. There must be 15 players in the team. The roster must consist of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. In addition, points are awarded for a goal, an assist, assist, playing time and many other factors.

At the end of the match, the player with the most incredible score will be declared the winner and their team will be revealed.

Key Features of Fantasy Football App

Fantasy Sports App Development contains some of the basic, advanced and new and innovative methodologies to set them apart from the rest. The following is a list of critical components to include in your fantasy football software development

Features for users

Fantasy football mobile app users can enjoy various fascinating features. These elements create a unique connection between the program and its users. These features include:


It is easier for users to choose a squad that can win if there is a specific leaderboard of the players.

User profile

Information about the users is here, in a very user-friendly way. Users’ teams can see which leagues they’ve entered, which leagues they’ve entered, and much more.

Player stats in real time

The player data is updated in real time to provide the best possible experience to the users.

Team building

Players can link their social media accounts so that they can create and participate in private tournaments with their family and friends. Use your knowledge to build a team that outperforms the competition and is the most outstanding player of the match.


The gamers can offer any amount they want to entice all users. Each individual will be able to bid because of the ability to choose the bid money.

Highlights of the match

Fantasy Football apps are not only built in to display the current score of matches, but they also provide match highlights and post match analysis.

Player analysis

The app provides player details and achievement history to help users with team selection.

Daily reward points for quick and lucky draws

Fast and lucky draw daily reward points are provided to daily users to express that you appreciate them.

Features for Admin

While users enjoy the fun elements of a fantasy football software development, administrators ensure that all supplies and background operations run smoothly. These functions are intelligent and intuitive and provide a lot of help. Here are a few examples:

Dedicated dashboards

These custom dashboards, which are one of the essential features, show users all the information of the fantasy football app and web service. These statistics may include the number of active users, active leagues, etc.

Manage bank transactions

An administrator can view the banking transactions made by fantasy football app users. This allows the administrator to accept or reject transactions between the application and settings.

Manage leagues

Admins can create and manage both public and private leagues. Administrators have full authority over these leagues and regulate all activities within them.

Manage users

It gives the administrator power over all users who have signed up for the fantasy football app. It helps them suspend, remove and add users.

Reward Points Management

This area for administrators is where they allocate reward points to match actions and determine how the prizes are distributed.

Content Management System (CMS) —

A sophisticated and effective content management system can handle all the visual material on the fantasy football app.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

This tool allows administrators to handle user comments, emails, tickets, push notifications, and other customer relationship management functions.

How to develop Fantasy Football app like ESPN, MPL, NFL Fantasy?

Making a mobile game is a difficult task. To make an app like Fantasy Football you need a great team of app developers and key app development and design technologies. It requires a lot of technical expertise and good cooperation. Here you will find everything you need to make Fantasy Football games.

Fantasy Football app development requires a team of people with technical expertise and technologies required for Fantasy Football game app development.

Professionals needed

  • Project Manager
  • android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Backend developer
  • QA Engineer
  • business analyst
  • UI/UX Designer

Required Technologies

  • Kotlin for Android Development
  • Swift for iOS development
  • Node.js for back-end development
  • AWS or Azure for Cloud
  • SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for database
  • Azure Stream Analytics for real-time analytics

Or you can hire a professional app development company to handle all the technical aspects of the development so you can focus on ads and other essential elements of your Fantasy Football game. The knowledge and expertise of the app development company can help you create the ideal Fantasy Football app.

Fantasy Football App Development Lifecycle

If you ask a game app development company how to design a “fantasy app”, they will make sure you include some unique features in your app that will make it stand out for your business. Here are some key phrases to help you understand the fantasy football app development cycle.

  • Models: The team designer generates mock-ups of all fantasy football website pages and submits them to the client for approval.
  • Administration Panel: An easy-to-customize administration panel can be designed for each person in charge to set rules, process winnings, close squads at a specific time, and block any changes to prevent cheating.
  • Technologies: Front side; Kafka, Redshift, Redshift, Java, Javascript. Rear end; Python, Scala, Kotlin.
  • Third-Party Integration: We incorporated the Data Factory dataflow based on customer suggestions for fast, reliable delivery of match data (ie reliable calculations). Fantasy football websites integrate PayPal or League Swipe to manage account funds and payout winnings.

How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Football app?

For a single (Android or iOS) platform with rudimentary features, Fantasy Sports App Development Cost between $30,000 and $35,000. It can cost up to $100,000 to design Fantasy Football software with all the advanced features and functions and cross-platform compatibility.

The price is also determined by the company you select:

  • Small Business Cost: $15 – $40/hr
  • Intermediate operating costs: $50 – $100/hour
  • Enterprise-level operating costs: $100-$300/hour

A fantasy football app is a business concept that spans the whole world. Moreover, there is no consistency in the global economy. The disparity between the economies of different countries proves to be a huge advantage for investors, because the fantasy sports app development costs differs from country to country.

Top 5 Fantasy Football Apps

Applications Founded Director Revenue App platforms
ESPN Sept 7, 1979, Bristol, Connecticut, United States James Pitaro is the CEO/President of ESPN. $24 billion Google Play Store
MPL September 2018 Sai Srinivas Kiran G is the active CEO of MPL. $51 million Google Play Store
CBS Sports Fantasy December 31, 2005, Sean McManus is active chairman $47.1 million Google Play Store
Yahoo Fantasy Dec 8, 1997 im Lanzone, CEO of Yahoo Inc. (201–present) Yahoo’s fantasy sports offerings alone bring in over $200 million in revenue. Google play store


Because Fantasy Football is such a popular game, it will be difficult to break into the market. However, the Fantasy Football app’s success rate and business model are tempting, so you can break into the market if you have the right product. Your fantasy football application should be able to provide the most satisfying gaming experience and provide new features and functions that will entice consumers to download it.


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