Customer experience predictions in 2023

Jose Herrera, CEO and co-founder, Hire Horatio CX.

Most economists agree that many aspects of the global economy are likely to experience a significant downturn in the coming year. Most of the CEOs I meet are aware that their companies need to prepare for this continued volatility in 2023. But despite the current and potential market volatility, I think there should still be optimism as there are significant opportunities for growth and innovation, even in bad economic times. time.

One of these opportunities that should never be overlooked is the opportunity for a robust and sophisticated customer experience (CX). In fact, more than ever before, for example in today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, customer retention is driven by companies going all out when it comes to unique CX experiences and communications.

How customer experience will help amid economic swings in 2023

In 2023, I predict that these customer experiences will remain technologically advanced, but will become increasingly personalized to meet consumers’ unique specifications. Your interactions should also be timely and convenient for your consumers.

What business leaders need to realize is that while there are certain fundamental pillars of successful CX, there is no exact blueprint for customer experience. This means that CX agents must adopt the company’s specific ethos and mission to better serve their clients.

Customers are very good at assessing whether an interaction is authentic and sincere and whether their requests are being listened to. One bad experience can be enough to lose a customer. Conversely, one positive experience can be the start of customer loyalty for many years to come.

I believe that organizations that fully understand the critical nature of CX to their overall success will continue to expand their CX budgets and expand their teams. However, in addition to allocating more resources to CX, here are a few other trends to look out for in the coming year.

Quality of employee experience will be at the core of Quality CX

In all industries, happy employees are the marker of increased productivity. Unfortunately, 2022 saw an unprecedented number of customer blowouts, largely due to staff shortages and supply chain issues. This often creates toxic situations for front-line workers such as CX agents.

In 2023, companies should ensure that they receive regular feedback from their employees to ensure they have the support and tools needed to deal with frustrated consumers. Further support also means that CX agents should feel empowered to use their own voice and critical thinking and not have to stick to a script. This comes from hiring the right people and making sure the onboarding process for your agents includes a long period of learning the ethos and language of a brand inside out.

Brands will continue to build customer communities

In 2023, customers will love CX that is inclusive and empathetic. They will continue to seek businesses beyond predictable experiences like loyalty programs. Customer loyalty will largely be tied to brands building communities and creating genuine engagement beyond transactions.

Companies that do this well can build authenticity and approachability into their brand and culture. When building these communities, it is helpful to encourage your CX team and agents to be the “lead networkers” of these communities. For example, they can be the link between customers in a certain region. In addition, they can provide circular feedback because they know the ins and outs of customer profiles.

The opportunity for a strong and sophisticated customer experience is one of those opportunities that should never be ignored (CX). To ensure your team has the support and resources it needs to deal with customers in 2023, make sure you hire the right people, receive regular feedback from your employees, and train them properly. Business Council is the premier growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?


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